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Fenway ParkI am pretty jealous of my wife, who is hanging out in Boston this week, field producing the World Series for Fox TV in Denver (here is a picture she shot outside Boston’s Fenway Park, where the Series starts).

I wish I had tickets. But since I don’t, I’ll be watching on TV and via the Human Network (and following the action on the excellent Major League Baseball site). And between innings, I’ll be checking out the Human Network sports subsite.Cisco’s sports-focused Human Network subsite is chock full of ideas from you about ways to make sporting events more exciting and engaging via the Human Network. A few ideas include:

Me, I would like a networked notification on my seatback when the line for Rocky Dogs at Coors Field or Tofu Tacos in San Francisco has been reduced to only three deep.Whare are your ideas? What would you add to the stadium of the future?Technorati:

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