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Oh the joys of pinning new ideas, trends, videos, and so much more on Pinterest! I’ll admit it…I have a little obsession, racking up thousands of pins between professional and personal Pinterest accounts.

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Use Pinterest best practices to create more meaningful conversations and increase followers.

Just like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and other social media channels, Pinterest has its own culture and communication style. After countless hours of reading, pinning, and repinning throughout the past year, I’ve recorded some Pinterest best practices and etiquette tips to share with you.

Here are some best practices to keep in mind:

And here are some etiquette tips to keep followers interested and to attract new ones:

Lastly, if you are prepping items for Pinterest, here are a few details to consider:

Did the details above “pinpoint” the best practices you were thinking of as well? (Sorry, just had to play on that word!) Do you have other tips you are using as well? I’m interested in reading your insights and learning about the different ways you are using Pinterest too!

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  1. This is a good breakdown on best practices using Pinterest. Well done Elizabeth.

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    • Elizabeth Houston
      Elizabeth Houston

      Thanks for the great feedback Matt. I appreciate it and am glad to hear this post is helpful!


  2. Elizabeth, I just sent you invitations to 6 of my group boards. Just kidding. But, seriously, you make a good point about correct set up of notifications for group boards. I prefer to turn off notifications for new pins, so that my Pinterest friends and I don’t receive an email every time someone adds a new pin. And yes, it is very important to acknowledge and reply to comments. Thanks for the helpful summary!

    P.S. If you have a funny picture of a cow, please pin it here:


    • Elizabeth Houston
      Elizabeth Houston

      Hi Silvia, I love it! Keep the invitations coming. Just kidding. And you make a good point as well about turning notifications off. While this does help to cut down on getting bombarded by email, I’ve found that some boards just have too much activity and end up taking over the live feed, making it harder to notice other pins as well. It definitely comes down to personal preference, but very happy to hear you are finding value in using Pinterest. Thanks for the feedback!

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