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E-Meetings and the Environment

It’s Blog Action Day!I had written previously about the opportunities to reduce air travel by substituting virtual meetings for physical meetings, however reading through the excellent work already being done for Blog Action day has really got me motivated to make a change today.I’d like to make a bargain with you…… the remainder of the year, don’t fly. Neither will I. Instead, we will use the amazing array of tools at our disposal, from Telepresence to WebEx to avatar-mediated communications, to approximate the magic of physical proximity.What’s the bargain? I promise to pay $1000 out of my own pocket per airline trip that I take between now and the end of the year. Where does that $1000 go? Read More »

Virtual Worlds Conference 2007 in San Jose, Calif.

Check out what attendees at the Virtual Worlds Conference and Expo think about the future of virtual worlds.

Searching Wisdom from our Search Guru

“Every day in the world of search can be unique and different,” our search guru Kara Jariwala told me recently. “It all depends on the latest changes the search engines like Google, YAHOO! and the others make to their algorithms.”For instance, earlier this year, Google announced it would list news, images, videos and groups in the same list-┬ŁGoogle Universal Search. This is great for us Web surfers, but definitely has implications for those of us running Web sites. Read More »

Keynote Shorthand

VW2007-5.001.jpgWith each presentation I hear at a conference, there is always a moment when you are scribbling what the presenter is saying and you feel like an undergraduate in your first astronomy class furiously taking verbatim notes because you don’t know what will be on the test. Then you realize that you missed 50% or more of the point of the presentation.Two good things about the keynote today at Virtual Worlds 2007….(1) There’s no test, and (2) we can do simple things like list the references used in the slides on a blog, like this one! Read More »

A geek in a virtual world

Hi all. My name is Dannette Veale and I work in Corporate Events here at Cisco. Let me start by stipulating I am not super-technical like my fellow virtual worlds bloggers, who should have capes and related insignia to indicate their super hero status :-)However I am a geek, always have been and always will be I am proud to say. Specifically I am a science fiction/cyberpunk/anime/gaming geek; so virtual worlds are right up my alley of interests.918149228_f57c9348b1.jpgAt Cisco, I am tasked with programming virtual events in networked virtual environments-so virtual events for all you readers to learn from and enjoy, hopefully. Much of my work time is spent on Cisco’s islands in Second Life as Dannette CiscoSystems.I get these types of questions/comments a lot:1) Why does Cisco pay me to play?2) Why would I participate in a virtual event instead of a webcast or forum? 3) Why would I use this virtual thing? You got to be kidding me-maybe my kids but not me! Read More »