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RSS Icons Get Hip

Hey Mom, I’m in a fancy online design magazine this month! Here’s me, with my fiends’ son Michael, who is donning an RSS costume.rss-michael.jpgBut the more interesting thing about the article is how the RSS “fan” has become recognizable enough now that sites are doing stylized variations on it. Read More »

Privacy and Progress on the Web

There’s a big controversy on the web these days, with Privacy advocates fighting with Facebook:, currently the most-talked-about Social Networking site on the web, is using member data in ads that appear on their site to drive business for their advertisers. Read More »

New Feature: Related Popular Pages

We’ve introduced a neat new feature on some sections of that we hope makes it easy to discover relevant related information as you’re browsing. Here’s how it works. Read More »

Second Life Machinima of Connected Life Winner

Cisco announced the winner of its Connected Life contest in Second Life recently. Check out the machinima of the connected life winner.

Making Videos More Useful

One of my pet peeves on product areas of web sites is how the videos leave you hanging. That is, you’ve watched an interesting video about a subject (and some of them are actually pretty interesting)… but then, what next?The person in the video may recite a URL, and a URL may even appear on the screen… but how do you get there quickly for more information?On, we recently introduced a way to follow on to the next step on videos. Read More »