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Sneak Preview: New Tool to Help You Find the Right Product

We’ve just launched a handy (beta) tool on to help you find the right router, switch, wireless, or security-related product, and we’d like your feedback.This new beta Product Adviser allows you to specify a few parameters about the product (for instance, for routers: environment, LAN port density, and features) and then quickly shows a matching list of products and lets you compare them in an easy-to-read online table. Read More »

You are [Here]

iStock_000002044004XSmall.jpgIf you want to know where a given space is on the path to being mainstream, there are few measures better than looking at the distribution of venture capital flowing into that space over the prior twelve months. In the case of the Virtual World market, the last twelve months have had somewhere in the neighborhood of 25 deals totaling $1.26B, ranging from investments in world developers, ‘producers’, and the supporting ecosystem of in-world economy and advertising companies. Including the Disney/Club Penguin and Intel/Havok deals, which skew the numbers heavily and account for 2/3 of all activity, you get a distribution roughly like this:by round.jpgWhat does this tell us? Read More »

Economies and Virtual Worlds

Previously, I had written a post that included a tract on virtual economies, and how they were less relevant in serious virtual worlds than in entertainment/game/narrative-driven worlds. Since that point, I’ve had the benefit of some very good counsel from a number of people with well-reasoned arguments why these economies need to continue to exist and thrive. I’d like the use this post to go through some of those reasons and identify which ones are relevant to business application of virtual worlds and which ones are not. Read More »

Cisco Channel Partner Career Fair- Tomorrow in SL

We’ve received quite a bit of interest from 9 of our European Channel Partners, who will have a presence at our Channel Partner Career Fair on our Second LIfe campus. We’ve also received quite a bit of interest from potential candidates. The focus will be on our European Channel partners seeking candidates with Networking and IT skills for their various locations, and candidates interested in career opportunities in these areas. The event will be held on our Second Life Campus from 9-11 AM SLT, at this SLURL:”See” you there!

Phone alerts from

We’ve just launched Cisco’s first SMS services — short alerts available to be sent to your mobile phone. Read More »