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Page Grids (are Good)

Sometimes I think some of our web pages look, well, lopsided. Not everything, mind you. Not our nicely laid out home page or our wonderfully appointed news pages, of course. But look at some pages and you wonder if everything is lined up quite right.And other sites, too: This is a problem which many, many famous web sites display, and it’s all on account of something called page grids. Read More »

Thanks for a great first year!

On behalf of the entire Networked Virtual Environments team at Cisco, I’d like to thank the tens of thousands of our customers and partners that contributed and participated in events on our virtual campus in Second Life in 2007. Yesterday, concurrent with our CES announcements, we celebrated the first birthday of our virtual campus with cake, cookies, party hats, and some really annoying party horns (Pictures Here). We also were fortunate enough to have Moo Money of Second Life fame create a machinima highlight video of our 2007 Second Life experience.A special thanks to those who came yesterday and made the party such a success. We look forward to seeing you all for an even better and more active year in 2008.

Some Design Notes on the New Consumer Area

Coinciding with the launch of our Consumer Experience blog, and the 2008 Consumer Electronics Show, we’ve also updated the consumer area of so that it better showcases the “Visual Networking Experience. ” Read More »

Visual Networking, consumer products, and, oh, Happy 1st Birthday in SL for Cisco’s Campus!

CES_SLInvite Smaller.jpgOur Cisco SL virtual campus launched late in 2006 and our first big event was concurrent with the Consumer Electronics show and the launch of our SL connected home. The Cisco SL connected home showcases our consumer home networking products in an interactive 3D environment. With CES 2008 next week, we will be discussing Cisco’s consumer products, as well as discussing our Visual Networking Strategy. Join us for live Q&A with two of Cisco’s consumer marketing executives, at the connected home, and discuss Cisco’s latest consumer products and strategies for networking in the home. After the Q&A, we will be celebrating with a slide show, and serving virtual cake and sharing party favors, as we commemorate the 1 year anniversary of our virtual presence through Cisco’s SL campus. As this year begins to play out, Cisco’s virtual presence will be hopping, with many events already planned for 2008, as Dannette mentions below, as well as additional builds utilized with our events and engagements to better leverage the 3D environment for collaboration. We look forward to seeing you there!

Happy Virtual 2008

“As for the future, your task is not to foresee it, but to enable it.” – Antoine de Saint-ExuperyHappy New Year! 2008 is going to be jam packed with virtual activities for Cisco. With so many exciting virtual events coming I can’t even name them all but here are few upcoming dates. Make sure you mark your calendar.CES Round Table, January 8th at 1pm PDTCome talk about CES and celebrate the Cisco Second Life virtual campus one year anniversary.Data Center Mixed Reality BannerCasts, January 23rd and January 31st at 8:30am PDTTwo exciting mixed reality events featuring Jayshree Ullal, SVP, Data Center, via live video.2038314496_caf1135c6b.jpg Second Life TechChat: Transforming Business Models with Cisco TelePresence, February 7th at 12:00pm PDTDuring this TechChat Randy Harrell, Director of Product Marketing, will discuss Cisco TelePresence, concentrating on business case studies and the enabling technology.As stated in numerous posts Cisco is participating in virtual environments because we want to engage with you in enabling the future. That being said, 2007 is all most over…it turned out to be a productive and exciting year for those of us pioneering in the virtual age 😉 I for one learned a lot in 2007 from my colleagues, our customers and fellow virtual frontier folk. Here are my top three virtual learning’s: Read More »