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RSS Icons Get Hip

Hey Mom, I’m in a fancy online design magazine this month! Here’s me, with my fiends’ son Michael, who is donning an RSS costume.rss-michael.jpgBut the more interesting thing about the article is how the RSS “fan” has become recognizable enough now that sites are doing stylized variations on it. Read More »

Speaking of Web 2.0 Icons: Share

You know those gazillions of little icons you see everywhere that link to social bookmarking and sharing sites? Like this?iconlist.jpg Read More »

Privacy and Progress on the Web

There’s a big controversy on the web these days, with Privacy advocates fighting with Facebook:, currently the most-talked-about Social Networking site on the web, is using member data in ads that appear on their site to drive business for their advertisers. Read More »

New Feature: Related Popular Pages

We’ve introduced a neat new feature on some sections of that we hope makes it easy to discover relevant related information as you’re browsing. Here’s how it works. Read More »

Second Life Machinima of Connected Life Winner

Cisco announced the winner of its Connected Life contest in Second Life recently. Check out the machinima of the connected life winner.