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Twitter in the Center of the Action

It is interesting to see the Los Angeles Fire Department using the mobile service Twitter to report minute by minute updates on the Southern California USA fires.And, KCBS TV doing the same.

Play Ball!

Fenway ParkI am pretty jealous of my wife, who is hanging out in Boston this week, field producing the World Series for Fox TV in Denver (here is a picture she shot outside Boston’s Fenway Park, where the Series starts).

I wish I had tickets. But since I don’t, I’ll be watching on TV and via the Human Network (and following the action on the excellent Major League Baseball site). And between innings, I’ll be checking out the Human Network sports subsite. Read More »

Simpler Web 2.0

Thanks to this week’s Web 2.0 Conference, much of the buzz in the Valley this week has been about increasingly clever ways to participate in or leverage the social graph. Well, actually, many of the articles this week talk cryptically about “opening APIs” and competition for your profile and online participation from various online juggernauts, with a dash of Semantic Web thrown in for good meaure — all of which is probably difficult for most mortals to follow. You probably need a vacation. Read More »

Ode to Interoperability

iStock_000003056979Medium.jpgFor those of you who were not at the Virtual Worlds 2007 Conference and Expo last week, there were a number of announcements by ourselves and others that were not product specific in nature, but rather more focused on overall industry development.First among those was the launch of the Metaverse Market Index (MMI), which is an effort spearheaded by Nick Wilson at Metaversed and Prof. Robert Bloomfield at Cornell University. The MMI is an organization that was recently developed by and for the industry to track adoption, economies and use activity of virtual worlds. This is an important step in the maturation of the industry, as we move beyond early vendor-specific approaches to measuring the market to a more industry-common measure. This will clear up any ambiguity for people outside of the industry when trying to separate fact from hype, as well as allow people within the industry with a common yardstick (meter-stick for those not in the coalition of the metrically challenged) by which to monitor the growth of the industry.Next, and possibly more contentious, is the notion of the Virtual World Interoperability Forum. This requires a bit more elaboration…… Read More »

Virtual Career Fair- Cisco Channel Partners

Career Fair Snapshot 1_001 Cropped Compressed 400.jpgSpeaking of hosting meet-ups in virtual places, and reducing carbon footprint, our public presence in virtual worlds is about providing a place for our customers, stakeholders, partners, and others, our ‘worldwide virtual family’, to meet for different purposes. Cisco will be hosting our first Cisco Channel Partner career fair at our Second Life campus, between the Channel Partner pavilion and the Technology Center building on Cisco Systems 3. Why have a Second Life career fair? Read More »