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Industrial Age Metaphors

One thing that people rarely consider in envisioning the future of collaboration is the opportunity to finally unshackle ourselves from outdated user interface devices such as keyboards and mice. There have been a number of companies that have successfully implemented ambient sensors and displays that are much more intuitive and immediate than the mouse+monitor combination, and there is now an extensive body of research and second-generation 3D user-interface devices that challenge the incumbency of the 2D mouse and Qwerty keyboard.iStock_000004300743Small.jpg Read More »

Happening NOW- Hospital of the Future!

palomarwest.pngFor those of you who missed the preliminary announcement from our developer partner Millions of Us on Friday, we are excited to announce the launch of the ‘Hospital of the Future’ in Second Life. Working with Palomar West Hospital, the largest health system provider in Southern California, we have created a healthcare campus to showcase the foresight of PalomarWest and the Cisco Connected Health vision.The official ribbon cutting ceremony is at 0800 PST today at the PalomarWest Hospital Island! In the event you haven’t already registered for Second Life, we’ve streamlined the process for you by following this linkThe formal press release follows the page break. Be sure to come by and check out the future of healthcare! Read More »

Cool: Plan Your Own Datacenter Deployment

There has been so much cool stuff happening on in the last month that I am just barely keeping up. Something we updated a couple of weeks back is worth a look: The “Data Center Design Best Practices Tool”: Read More »

Video Captioning

As a part of our continuing efforts to better your experience, recently we upgraded the look of our closed captioning:Before:VideoCCBefore.jpgAfter:VideoCCAfter.jpg Read More »

Metaverse Roadmap and MetaverseU

From February 15th through February 17th, people from industry and academia gathered at Stanford University to participate in two events. 2269458703_3584ec5b72.jpgThe first was a continuation of the excellent Metaverse Roadmap work that had started two years ago, which is an attempt to capture and forecast the coming changes in the user interaction model with the Internet. If you haven’t read the original MVR, you can find it here.The second event was (or rather ‘is‘, as it is still underway) the MetaverseU, which is a combination of presentations and open discussion covering various facets of the virtual worlds, augmented reality, and lifelogging, with a particular focus on the human factors and societal impact of an idealized Metaverse.The event is being streamed live (and freely) into Second Life here, and Henrik Bennetsen has taken a further step of creating a time capsule of where we are in this technology cycle by interviewing all of the participants and attendees with four questions regarding the best and worst things of current technology, and the opportunities and unforseen downsides of the future adoption of same. His interviews will be published on YouTube under the group ‘MetaverseU’, as well as tags on Flickr and elsewhere tagged ‘MetaverseU’Henrik has also blogged about what he is doing on the MetaverseU blog here. It think this is a good example of forward thinking in being able to tag content distributed around the Internet as a distributed transcript and record of the event. Consider it ‘Distributed Lifelogging’. Now, if we could incorporate Twitter and Second Life chat transcripts… one portal………