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The value of ‘Place’

In 1999, James Scott penned a book entitled ‘Seeing Like a State’, where he illustrated excellent examples of how organizations and governments have designed buildings and cities without considering the local habits and styles of the population. In the book, the employees or citizens recognized that there were very few areas for them to socialize informally in these optimized workplaces or cities, which is how many cultures exchange important social ideas and other difficulty in civic planning is you don’t know where the citizenry wants to congregate, much as companies cannot anticipate where the social loci will be for it’s employees. If you add to this the growing trend towards organizational decentralization, it makes it critical for organizations to provide a substitute for the break-room or water cooler conversation, to allow that free-flow of ideas between employees. This also extends beyond employee/employer relationships to customers and partners. Read More »

Do That Searchy Thing

Just for you, we have a sneak preview of a new search we’re implementing on think you’ll like it, and here’s why. Read More »

RSS Icons Get Hip

Hey Mom, I’m in a fancy online design magazine this month! Here’s me, with my fiends’ son Michael, who is donning an RSS costume.rss-michael.jpgBut the more interesting thing about the article is how the RSS “fan” has become recognizable enough now that sites are doing stylized variations on it. Read More »

Speaking of Web 2.0 Icons: Share

You know those gazillions of little icons you see everywhere that link to social bookmarking and sharing sites? Like this?iconlist.jpg Read More »

Privacy and Progress on the Web

There’s a big controversy on the web these days, with Privacy advocates fighting with Facebook:, currently the most-talked-about Social Networking site on the web, is using member data in ads that appear on their site to drive business for their advertisers. Read More »