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Virtual Worlds 2007 Conference- San Jose

For those of you who will be on the left coast, we strongly encourage you to attend the Virtual Worlds 2007 Conference and Expo on October 10-11 at the San Jose convention center. We have the honor of presenting alongside some very smart people in industry like Jeff @ Amazon, Cory at Multiverse, Ron @ Proton Media, Edward Castronova, Ian Hughes @ IBM, Christian and Reuben from Millions of Us, Tony O’Driscoll, Jerry Paffendorf, Paul and Matthew @ Intel and the unstoppable Ren Reynolds. The last VW Conference in New York in March was an excellent event that was standing-room-only.imspeaking.gifWe’ll be kicking off the second day of the conference with a keynote presentation on getting serious with virtual worlds as a collaboration technology for businesses. We also will be hosting the attendee lounge, so please stop by and say hello, lounge, and enjoy the free drinks!

It’s about the user experience!

I will start with a quick introduction of myself, as I’ve not yet posted to the blog until now. I am Randy Sisk, another one of those Technolgy Center folks working in networked virtual environments. Most of my efforts are centered on Cisco’s use of Second Life as a platform and environment for engaging with our customers, partners and other interested parties. As a result of this, a good deal of my time is spent in Second Life and facilitating Cisco groups and employees in accessing and utilizing SL. Having looked at and used several virtual worlds, I’ve noticed that acceptance and adoption are in part a function of how easy it is to get the tool running and then to be able to utilize basic features. Read More »

Walking the Talk

When industry and press pontificate about the future of work, they seem to have a similar utopian vision with some common attributes:1) A ‘Virtual’ workforce scattered all over the world, with job responsibilities and skills that are not based on geographic location2) Rich collaboration tools to facilitate sharing of information and joint work3) ‘Hollywood’ style of work, based on ‘free-agents’ coming together for a project and then moving on to the next project.As the science fiction author William Gibson once said “The future is already here, it’s just not evenly distributed.” Read More »

Getting through customs without removing my shoes?

After adding some new stamps to my passport last week, I was reminded of a blog entry I wrote several months back about the frustration of not being able to move between worlds without the equivalent of a strip search, or a complete disrobing. We give up our names, our possessions, our reputation….you name it. Read More »

Announcing the Cisco Industry Solutions Partner Network

For those of you who did not see the announcement, Cisco has announced a new tool for our channel partners and application service providers to interact, the Industry Solutions Partner Network (ISPN). This is a 3D immersive environment for our channel partners to discover the wide array of solutions available from our ASP partners.To quickly dispel any confusion, this is not a user-created-content, avatar-customized, free-roaming experience as experienced on the Cisco Virtual Campus in Second Life, but a 24/7 3D tradeshow with easy navigation targeted specifically at our Channel partners. As you know (if you are reading this blog), there are a number of different species of virtual worlds, ranging from pre-scripted web-based flash worlds, walled and open ‘free-roaming’ worlds, and hybrids. Each species has it’s own best uses, as there is no ‘one-sized-fits-all’ solution.We’ll be releasing more details in the near future, however here is a sample screenshot of the environment because a picture is worth a thousand blog-words. ;-) cisco ispn.jpg