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We’re a Webby Award Honoree

It’s nice to be recognized, and I’m proud to say that we’re a Webby Awards Honoree 5 times over this year. Read More »

How We Design for

Here’s a video I put together showing a little bit about how we design new areas for (and showing quite a bit of my messy office!) Read More »

(Almost) Live from Virtual Worlds 2008

mast1.gifWhile there are daily virtual conferences in the various metaversal platforms, there are infrequent ‘live’ meetings of people in the virtual world business. A top show in this space is the Virtual Worlds conference, arranged by Chris Sherman. I was a speaker at the 2007 event, and they are holding their 2008 New York VW show today and tomorrow at the Javitz center in Manhattan.Although many have been concerned about the industry after the standard hype/backlash cycle that has been applied to virtual worlds over the last year, the attendance at the show is a record 1200 people (which, although small by Interop or Comdex standards, is actually very large for an emerging technology-centric conference). The audience for this show (as was the case at last year’s NYC show) is primarily composed of people from the advertising and entertainment industries, with the Rosie O’Neill, Chief Barbie Officer from Mattel providing this morning’s keynote presentation on how the Barbie brand is extending into virtual communities. And no, I didn’t make up that title, that’s her real title. If you are in the New York area, there is one more day (Friday) of conference proceedings and I would suggest stopping by and experiencing the excitement and creative energy of this emerging industry.

Interesting Interview on Cisco and User Experience

My colleague Cordell Ratzlaff is featured in an interesting interview about Cisco, user experience, and how he and his team are applying the magic he perfected at Apple and frog Design to create great products and end to end experiences for Cisco. Worth a read.P.S. Cordell is a featured speaker at Adaptive Path’s upcoming MX design management conference, which is also mentioned in the article.

And in case you can’t get enough Cisco user experience

I should probably mention also that I am teaching a full-day course at this year’s Nielsen Norman conferences about using consumer web design techniques for corporate and B2B sites. So, you can see Cordell in San Francisco at MX (April 20-22), or Martin in New York (April 11th) or London (May 23rd) or San Francisco (June 20th) at Nielsen Norman.