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More on Search Improvements

A while back we posted an entry about the wonderful new search, which is currently in Beta and which I heartily recommend trying.Here’s a nice visual overview of the of the features, courtesy our Search gang. Read More »

Degrees of Immersion- Cisco Telepresence

TP 1_002.jpgThere are many different tools today for connecting on a personal level with others. They range from networked virtual environments where people can connect through digital representations of themselves, such as avatars in Instant Messaging, or Virtual Worlds and MMOG’s. These different tools provide different levels of experience and different levels of interaction and immersion between the participants. Cisco Telepresence provides a unique experience for the participants- one that connects them on a personal level in a way that many other tools cannot. Come hear Randy Harrell, Director of Product Marketing for the Cisco TelePresence System Business Unit at Thursday’s Second Life Tech Chat, discuss the Cisco Telepresence System and how it is changing the way businesses communicate internally as well as with other businesses and customers. Join Randy Harrell and the Cisco Second Life team, as he discusses these business transformations made possible through immersive visual communications on Cisco’s TelePresence systems. He will also discuss why Cisco TelePresence is different than videoconferencing. We look forward to an engaging and interactive discussion after Randy’s presentation. See you there, virtually!When: Thursday, February 7th. 12-1 Pacific Time.Where: Cisco’s Virtual Second Life Campus, Bandwidth Stage.’s New Small & Medium Business Area

We recently revamped our site area for Small & Medium Business, and we think the changes are a nice improvement.Before:smb-site-small.jpg smb-site-2-small.jpg smb-mobility-small.jpgAfter:NewSMBMain-small.jpg NewSMBsolutionshowhelp-small.jpg SMBproduct-small.jpgHere are some details of what we changed and why… Read More »

No More Meeting Travel

One of the habits that Cisco promotes is substituting virtual meetings for physical ones. There are numerous statistics as far as the productivity benefits and cost savings that result from the immediacy and geographic-independence of a IP telephone call, video-conference, WebEx session, or Telepresence. One area that doesn’t get mentioned as often is the environmental benefit of avoiding air and automobile travel by the use of these technologies.tnc_logo_2007.jpgLate last year, I pledged to avoid physical travel and instead substitute virtual meeting technologies like videoconferencing, WebEx and virtual world technologies. I was asked by The Nature Conservancy to write up a summary of my experiences which they recently published here, and was ‘Digged’ here. This has, in turn, resulted in a number of emails and phone calls asking for more best-practices for substituting virtual meetings for physical ones. One thing I know for sure is that 10 or 100 brains are better than one. What I’d like to propose is that the readership also share their best practices, and we aggregate this into a user-editable wiki of what seasoned virtual attendees/presenters have found to be key elements to making their work a travel-free experience. Lets start out by using the comment field of this blog entry, and I’ll furiously set up a Wiki page for us all to use once we have a critical mass of inputs. Sound like a deal?


For those already in the Northern California area, or who are able to attend via Second Life, the great folks at Stanford University will be holding ‘MetaverseU‘ on the 16th and 17th of February at Stanford in Palo Alto. Henrik Bennetsen at Stanford has assembled a diverse field of people from around academia and industry with the goal to catalyze some critical thinking around the current state of networked virtual environments and where they could, can, and will go.Be sure to check out the agenda page of speakers to see some of the topics and visionaries that he has put together for the event, and please try to attend if you are in the area for any of the other many virtual world-ish events taking place that week in San Francisco.