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Cisco Live TechChat: Workspace-Ready Networks, Optimize Your Unified Communications

Join us June 24, 2008, 12:00pm SLT (12:00pm PDT / 3:00pm EDT) at the Cisco Bandwidth Stage for this live event.Click play below to view the archive of the event.This TechChat features Erick Pong, Solutions Manager for the Enterprise Solutions Engineering (ESE) Branch/WAN Group, and Oscar Thomas, Solutions Manager for Advanced and Emerging Technologies, both from Cisco. During this TechChat, Pong and Thomas will discuss best practices and provide technical guidance on deploying unified communications on customers’ IP networks.Join this online discussion to hear:

  • How to use your existing network architecture to deploy voice, video applications, and unified communications clients
  • Features required at the campus and branch to support unified communications
  • Pong and Thomas review deployment scenarios and recommendations, as well as a case study

  • Take the Cisco Live in Second Life Packet Sort Collaboration Challenge

    The Cisco Live in Second Life collaboration hub is now LIVE. The hub features a collaborative ‘packet sort’ game, a video vault, the Cisco view-matic, Cisco Live Twitter wall and the Cisco Live chill zone with in world store. Join a couple of friends in world now and take the ‘packet sort’ challenge. All gamers can get a prize after playing at the Cisco Live in world store. The top scores as of June 28th will get special recognition on the wall of fame. Think you can be the top score? I challenge you to test your skills working as a team to sort threat from non-threat packets as they speed towards you at a rapid rate. This is a collaborative game, you can’t do it solo. So bring a friend or two, takes three folks to play, in world or make some new friends in world and team up to show me what you got. Keep in mind this isn’t a video game it is a collaborative team building game, ala the 3 legged race/egg relay/etc. type of games. For those who can’t wait to get in world to learn how to play, detailed game instructions are included in this blogs extended entry; just click read more at the end of the post.Here is a little video showing some folks, including the games creator, in play…Not a gamer, the video vault and view-matic offer lots of rich content for your viewing pleasure. You can also enjoy a fabulous 360 view in the glass elevator on your way up to the view-matic. I encourage you to send me ( your power of collaboration themed images (JPG files only please) and videos (MOV files only please) for consideration. If selected you could see your name credited in this blog and/or in world. Think if this as our equivalent to the CNN iReport.Of course there are lots of live events this week. We kick-off on June 24th at 11amPT/2pm ET with Cisco CEO, John Chambers, in world for a live Q&A on the power of collaboration. There are also live TechChat events taking place each day of the conference, the first one focusing on Workspace Ready Networks. In addition to the live events, there will be daily virtual tours of the Cisco campus in Second Life and conceptual builds like the Hospital of the Future.You can see images of Cisco Live in Second Life via our Flickr feed. Comments and feedback are always encouraged, submit your input to this blog or in world to Dannette CiscoSystems. Read More »

    Is this Web 3.0?

    Eagle-eyed visitors to this weekend noticed a subtle but handy new enhancement: A new “My Cisco” button up at the top of almost every page. image Click on this button, and it’ll unfurl into a useful toolkit that travels with you around the site. There’s a portable bookmarks feature that remembers your favorite locations across browsers and computers (handy in general and especially if you move from system to system a lot). And, there are some additional features you may see if you are working with a Cisco Partner (and, if you are a Cisco partner you’ll see even more interesting features).

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    Virtual Worlds: Are they really dead?

    Depending on who you talk to, some may say Virtual Worlds are dead. But are they really? In this recent San Jose Mercury News piece, Business is Booming in Virtual Worlds for Companies, virtual worlds are still all the rage for companies such as IBM, Sun Microsystems and Intel. What about San Jose’s Tech Museum of Innovation using Second Life to drive design ideas? Even Hollywood is getting into the virtual mix in order to reach new audiences. While there have been a lot of articles written about companies exiting virtual worlds such as Second Life, they’ve been balanced with a good number of stories highlighting its successes. Personally, I think just looking at virtual environments as simply a marketing tool can be a recipe for disaster in the long run. Whether it comes in the form of an online video game, 3D similation environment or social networking utility, you should look at them more as powerful collaboration tools. Still not convinced? Cisco’s very own CEO, John Chambers will be in Second Life on Tuesday, June 24th at 2:00 PM Eastern for a Q&A session with the virtual community to discuss just that — the power of collaboration. Here’s a glimpse at what you can expect at the event. Don’t miss it! A better way to navigate to countries

    imageWe’re instituting a nice upgrade to the country and language selection on This new function will appear soon on our worldwide site, but you can already see a working sneak preview on many of our country sites. For instance, go to our UK and Ireland site and choose to change country at the top of the page.You’ll get a new popup with an interactive region and country selector:imageWhen you select a region, the screen wipes to a new view of countries in that region:imageWith it’s light animation, the selector is even slicker to see in action, so you should try it on one of the country sites where we have it in preview (like UK & Ireland or Argentina or many others.)An advantages of using interactive country selection like this is that there’s much less scrolling vs. the traditional pulldown list or long selection page that you see on many sites. Kudos to Chris, Sumeet, Philippe, Valerie, Janet, and everyone else who helped get this across the finish line.We have some additional future tune-ups planned, so let us know what enhancements or changes you would like to see.