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Virtual in the Cloud? Cinematic quality 3D rendering in a browser? For real?

So last week a lil’ ol’ controversy cropped up regarding a video that LivePlace, owned by Brad Greenspan of MySpace fame, posted but says wasn’t supposed to be posted or made public…alas it got out there and the virtual community went a bit nuts trying to answer the question queried with the video,”Live or Virtually Live?” Read the blow-by-blow on TechCrunch.The video showed a virtual city that was billed as generated using the OTOY rendering system. While LivePlace and what it is, is still TBD and ambiguous, the OTOY technology behind it is 100% real and very exciting. OTOY is a technology that moves 3D gaming rendering to the cloud, which would enable superior graphics on old computers and handheld devices where 3D rendering has traditionally not been possible or a good experience. The only unfortunate I see with this concept (well depending on how you look at it, as it is certainly memorable) is the acronym, GaaS…gaming as a service. Watch OTOY in action…Not to knock any of the web based virtual worlds out there but this technology is just kicking their butts if you want a realistic, graphically rich environment…ala Second Life…but via your browser instead of an application. Not to say that the not as graphically intensive/less photo-realistic 3D web based destinations don’t have merit. I am eager to explore all these options to learn and see what types of audiences these spaces draw and how they differ and/or are the same. Hence the reasons we are hosting our Google Lively event next Tuesday, August 26th from 0900-1100 PDT; learn more about and join the event.With all this 3D web enabled, cloud driven graphic rendering and what not I can’t help but wonder does this signal the beginning of the end for all those walled garden gaming consoles? Could I really be looking at reducing my power draw, and I mean significantly so, in the near future by reducing the stack of gaming machines I have to just the single PC? Now before you folks reading this get all crazy, I realize the PC takes up more power than my Wii and is comparable to my XBOX 360 and PS3 when compared one to one but if I could eliminate all three and have just the PC different story…read for yourself. Pretty sure my sister would be ecstatic if this would happen as then my nephew might not be clamoring for an upgrade every time a new console launches and he could do his homework on it as well. Would that be the perfect gaming world?

Easier Finding and Comparing has recently updated its Product Advisor to include the latest specs on routers, switches, security, and wireless. The interactive tool allows you to select the desired networking product and environment and provides a list of product recommendations based on your preferences. Here’s a picture:imageWhat’s more, once you’ve narrowed your search to a few products, you can compare the recommended products on a feature-by-feature basis. imageThe results from the Cisco Product Advisor tool may be used for further research and to promote productive discussions with your Cisco partner, account manager, or sales representative.We’ve made the Product Advisor available from the main Routers, Switches, Wireless, and Security pages on (see the link on the right side of those pages), and we will be giving it more visual prominence soon so it’s even easier to find and access.Notes:- Some highly configurable products aren’t listed because they’re harder to choose via just a few parameters.- Links to specific product types: Routers, Switches, Security, Wireless Enjoy!

Cisco Gets Lively and the 2008-2009 TechChat Schedule

I have gotten a lot of comments and emails from folks lately asking if we have closed shop in Second Life. The resounding answer is NO, just taking a break after Cisco Live. I think we burnt the candle at both ends for that event and it is taking a while to recuperate, lol. So to lay any fears to rest about our long term intentions in Second Life I am please to publish the September 2008 – May 2009 Cisco Live in Second Life TechChat schedule.The schedule for Cisco Live Second Life TechChats is as follows:25 September 2008 “Secure Unified Communications”21 October 2008 “Enterprise Class Teleworker (ECT)”20 November 2008 “Cisco Application eXtension Platform (AXP)”16 December 2008 “Identity Enabled Networks”27 January 2009 “ASR 20G”26 February 2009 “DLP”24 March 2009 “The Secure Data Center”14 May 2009 “SAFE”Couple of questions for you folks reading this:1) Any time in particular you prefer for these events, we have held them at 1200 PDT in the past but I wonder if our European friends would like an earlier time so they could attend?2) Any subjects not on the list that you are keen to hear more technical information on?I will post more details on the September 25th TechChat closer to the event date. Of course, for those who can’t join us in-world for the TechChat it will be streamed live to this blog as well as to the Cisco Live Virtual events page. I am very excited to announce that on the Cisco Live Virtual events page you will not only be able to watch the live stream but you will be able to participate in the back chat to ask questions of our speakers and network with your fellow attendees!

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Cisco Live Virtual

i’m kelly this is what I do, and this is why I am writing about virtual I’m here to talk about virtual and events and why they are so important, rip and cust and paste about virtual. how to access itcertificationsviewing technical sessions from the conference and downloading Go straight to Options, first thing I do is create a TBD title, hit options hit closed, and save. practice with the button modes, highlight the text you want to code: Horizontal rule, bold, italic, not so much underline, use Preview so I can see what it looks likeuse a compelling use of words and make that the hyperlink, ex: here’s a great example on the wall street journalimages have to be 450 wide pixelsDannette likes to keep blog entries in word file, do spell check and keep them in a file if someone ever needs them. She doesn’t use the smilies.Click on date tab to publish the blog entry with the current date, or to set up a future announcement. Don’t use expiration TAGS tab – use the Suggest Tags, and limit to about 5image

Products: Help us get organized on!

As you know, Cisco has quite a range of different products, and that makes for a really big product list. In fact, even the list of product categories is big (categories are how we organize the different product areas like routers, switches, telephony, collaboration products etc). Indeed, one of the big challenges we have on the web site is how to organize products so they’re easy to find quickly. We have a page of product categories, which we’re working to redesign. Here’s the current page:imageHow can you help? As a customer or partner, you know our products and their use better than anyone. We’d like you’re thoughts about how to organize our various categories on the web site, and what to label those categories.So, we’ve loaded the categories into a neat online sorter called OptimalSort that lets you organize them into groups and give names to the groups. You can try the online sorter now (it will ask for your email but we only use that for followup if you tell us it’s OK). Here’s a picture:imageEnjoy, and thanks for your assistance!