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Ubiquitous Crowd Sourcing for Design

“Crowd sourcing” — the idea that the greatest ideas come from amongst creative throngs of experts — has certainly come into its own. Companies have been at it several years now, and at Cisco we certainly have several of our own examples range from the I-Prize program to the interesting Heaven or Hell contest where consumers described their ideal (or nightmare) home technology dream.

But two crowd-sourcing examples last week grabbed my attention anew, because each had an unique twist and was accelerated by real-time factors.

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Analysis of a Virtual Event

Post Cisco Live we always try our hardest to measure and understand the effectiveness of the event for our audience. This year we had to measure not only the in-person event but also the virtual hybrid event. This effort focuses on:

  • Measurement for loyalty, familiarity with Cisco products and technologies, and messaging awareness
  • Comparing in-person attendees with virtual event attendees to all major performance metrics to understand the differences in these audience types
  • Whenever possible, compare event performance with Exhibit Surveys’ Industry Averages for hi-tech proprietary events

This survey was sent to in-person and virtual attendees with 26% of the in-person attendees and 13% of the virtual attendees completing the survey. Big shout out to Erica Spoor, Cisco Live Event Strategy Manager, for leading this effort and providing such a thorough post event analysis; no easy job. I would like to share some of the results with you in this post.

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Ultra-convenient search, thanks to you!

A while back, I blogged about a new embedded search feature we were thinking about building into the site. It is a simple search plug-in that works in Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and some other browsers..

The way it works is that you can add it to you browser (from pretty much any place on and then use the search plug-in built into your browser to search

Search Pulldown Picture


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Communities, a Gem

Here’s something worth visiting. From the “Quick Links” pulldown on the home page, you can find Cisco’s Communities page, which features some of our more prominent online groups and communities. Read More »

Expanding Your Field Of Vision

Pleased to have a guest author this week, Dan Gerson the new content manager for Cisco Live and Networkers Virtual. Dan has been sharing a lot of interesting articles and blogs on augmented reality. After reading some of these I have been totally inspired, the future is now people! Dan was kind enough to provide a write-up on this topic…

Advances in computer and mobile technology have placed vast amounts of information at our finger tips. This knowledge, however, still lives within the confines of our TVs, laptops, and smartphones. New technology known as Augmented Reality aims to bridge the gap between the virtual world and the real world. imageThe concept is not new; Hollywood has depicted versions of augmented reality in many films, including our own Governator, in 1984’s The Terminator. The technology exists as an overlay, injecting relevant data and elements into the real world around us, in real time. If you have watched a football or hockey game in the past few years, chances are you have see elements of augmented reality. The floating yellow first down and the trailing puck are both examples of real-time visual elements displayed over real world images. Augmented Reality Today While the reality of owning a pair of digital glasses or contact lenses might be a few years away, some industries are taking hold of the technology today. Smartphone developers are building applications that will allow an augmented view of the surrounding environment using the built-in camera. These applications, while still in early phases, are showing the possibilities of viewing live data streams in new ways. There is a definite “wow-factor” involved when playing with the technology and it’s no surprise that the advertising industry has taken augmented reality under its wing. Check out this demo for the new movie District 9, in which you print a postcard and place it in front of your computer’s webcam. The action figure springs to life, and you are able to control this hologram-like image using your keyboard and mouse.

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