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Annual Report: Frugal, Stylish and Enjoyable

To be completely honest, I don’t usually spend much time on companies’ annual report web areas. But I’m making an exception for the new Cisco Annual Report — I’m really pleased with the online format, which is really elegant. 

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Watch the Live Keynote Featuring Guido Jouret, CTO, Emerging Technology Group

Next week you can join hundreds to thousands of your peers from all over the world in the Cisco Live and Networkers Virtual Auditorium as Guido Jouret, Chief Technology Officer of Cisco’s Emerging Technology Group delivers the opening keynote for Networkers Australia and New Zealand. The keynote takes place on Monday, September 28, at 3:30 PM PDT/Tuesday, September 29, 8:30 AM AEST.

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More Quick Usability

A while back, I was talking about various ways to do faster remote usability tests.  Here’s another technique that doesn’t really yield usability data, but does capture top-of-mind impressions from volunteers.

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How to Get Noticed on Twitter

Here’s a pretty interesting article on about what kinds of tweets get retweeted.

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More on Crowd Sourcing and Digital Cribs

Yesterday I was mentioning how our contests in the Digital Cribs area has been called out as an interesting example of crowdsourcing of creative ideas.

It turns out Cisco’s Ken Wirt, our VP of Consumer Marketing, was just interviewed on this very subject at the Aberdeen CMO Summit (for those not initiated in the arts of marketing, by the way, CMO stands for “Chief Marketing Officer.”)

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