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The wayback machine

One of the gems of the Internet is the “wayback machine” — the Internet Archive’s — which can show you a small snapshot of what your web site used to look like in days of yore. Those of us who work on web sites love the Wayback Machine because it shows us how far things have come and also reminds us all of a simpler time on the web.


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Virtual Fan Mail

For those event planners working on virtual environments to complement their physical events it’s nice to get affirmation that you’re strategy and implementation are on track and being received positively by your audience.

Don’t get me wrong of course event planners want feedback whether positive or negative but when someone takes the time to submit a positive comment it means a lot. Just like anything in life we are always more apt to share feedback when we are unhappy (kind of like me with airlines) so when someone takes the time to provide a kudo you know you hit the nail on the head for that user.

Here are a couple of comments from Cisco Live and Networkers Virtual users received over the last month or so on the platform and the 21 October Ask the Expert event just held!

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Great new page for a great new product

Amid the excitement around last week’s announcement of the Cisco Integrated Services Router Generation 2 (ISR G2), you might have noticed that we did a nice upgrade to the ISR web page on  The new page contains a lot more information, so you can review product features at a glance.

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Connecting customers, supplier and bamboo (& other stories)

Some new video profiles on show how small businesses are using technology to change things pretty dramatically in their operations.  I love these short videos because they make technology concepts (which could otherwise seem abstract) very tangible.

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P.S. More business twitter tips

Marty Gruhn at Web analysts SiteIQ, who follows IT industry sites, has some good insights about what works and doesn’t for businesses in that space.

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