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Evolution of the Twitter Wall

  Conference attendees are no strangers to Twitter; it’s used to disseminate information, organize gatherings, and sometimes let out heartfelt emotion.  Tapping into that pulse of information is a great way to create a clear and hyper realistic view of your attendee consciousness.    The widely used “Twitter Wall” concept, projecting a twitter based feed on a wall or giant screen, has been demonstrated at many different events and conferences. This week, my quest for new and evolving technologies has me thinking about the next stages of the Twitter wall concept.   

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Good old fashioned web publishing, modernized

For all of the TelePresence, WebEx, Flip video sharing, and other collaborative tools we use in designing and running our web sites, I’m always struck by how some traditional techniques still work, and how nicely new collaboration tools can blend with the traditional approaches.

This week, as you probably know, Cisco introduced some pretty exciting collaboration products, so it was interesting for me to see our pre-launch meetings where we used some of those same products to bring the launch together.

Here’s the San Jose portion of some of our Web team working hard Friday afternoon at checking dozens of pages, pictures, and videos (and scores of links). What you don’t see is the team members who are in many other locations, all connected in via a WebEx meeting and collaborating seamlessly through shared screens, online messaging, and audio conferencing. It’s interesting how, though people always like to gather together in a physical location, the folks who were in remote locations were very much embedded in the meeting, thanks to everyone’s shared focus on the WebEx screens.

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More for fans of Cisco TelePresence (and 30 Rock)

I noticed this on NBC’s 30 Rock site… some behind-the-scenes footage of Alec Baldwin and team prepping for the bedbugs scene that features Cisco TelePresence.

It’s fun to see how over-the-top writing, over-the-top comedic acting, and precise editing and timing come together to make a scene really funny.

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Actress Ellen Page goes home page

Academy Award nominee Ellen Page (from Juno, Whip It, and of course X-Men: The Last Stand) adorns our home page today, which links to a really cute video of her interacting with her home town doctor via Cisco TelePresence.

Ellen Page on home page


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Cisco TelePresence for Design Collaboration

Last year, I blogged about some projects we’ve done using Cisco TelePresence for usability testing and customer interviews.  We have also begun using Cisco TelePresence quite a bit for collaborative design.

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