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Avatar Pushes Augmented Reality

The new James Cameron movie, Avatar, is a next generation film that truly blurs the line between animation and reality.   Add to that mix the elements of new 3D technology, and you see why Cameron waited for the technology to catch up to his vision of the planet world Pandora.   

The movie is not only pushing the boundaries of progressive movie making, but the marketing effort associated with the movie is tremendous.   The movie has a full array of cross brand promotions with major food outlets, as well as a line of augmented reality action figures.   

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Virtual Holiday Cheer

Going home for the holidays and celebrating during the holiday can be challenging for folks. The cost and time off for travel as well current living arrangements, such as soldiers overseas or expats working in other countries, can dramatically limit the sharing of ‘merry holiday’ times. Technology can help bridge these geographic and economic gaps to enable a ‘jolly good time’ for all. Virtual environments and technology enable us to connect with our loved ones, visit our home town for a nostalgic tour, go on a much needed vacation, engage in charitable activities, and celebrate the holidays.

I have some great examples as well as a personal story to share.

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New on Service Request history at your fingertips

Last week, we rolled out a new feature on that will be of particular interest if you enter or track service requests for support.

Now, if your online account is associated with service requests, you can log in and access these capabilities via a new module in My Cisco called Recent Service Requests.  The new feature provides quick access to the latest 50 open and closed service requests.

This new release also includes:

  • A “See All” page that allows you to view, hide and sort your service requests
  • Quick access to links to open/query service requests in TSRT
  • A Recent Service Request details page that provides additional information on each service request
  • A secure, flexible web service that allows other Cisco-hosted applications to query and render relevant information on service requests


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Wolly mammoths, Web sites and 7 +/- 2

Web design professionals often work to George A Miller’s credo that humans can best manipulate “seven (plus or minus two)” items in their working memory. This 7 +/- 2 guideline isn’t a bad model to follow for keeping things simple on Web sites, where we all know that spewing your visitors with too much information will overwhelm them and could cause them to run away to the next site.

But in his latest column, Web usability expert Jacob Nielsen posits that 7 +/- 2 only goes so far as a guideline. In addition to reducing noise, it’s important to focus on making abstract concepts more concrete and accessible.

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Virtual Environments Go Mobile

There is no question that virtual platforms are extending the value and reach of physical events, but what about extending beyond the laptop?   Mobile devices have now reached the level needed to act as a direct connection into the event itself.   Within Cisco Live Virtual, we began to see this trend, as attendees looked to the virtual space as well as Twitter, to ask a myriad of event-based questions during the event.   

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