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Web components, CSS and the quick change artist

One of the biggest challenges a web team can face is a project that requires a complete visual change of their large web property. It’s a tough challenge, because there are usually multiple platforms underneath, all using different templating and rendering systems. And, the expectation is always that the change happen across thousands or millions of pages in an instant, since nobody wants a site where pages in different sections look radically different.

One of tech’s big sites this week underwent such a change, which was executed very efficiently.  In the online technology world (I’m talking web sites, mobile and such), the Java technology web site is one we consult regularly, since it hosts tons of technical information about the Java programing language and platform. Members of our technical team are on the site several times a day, and, even though I am a design director now at Cisco, I periodically check it as well since I used to run that Java site back in the early days of Java.

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An improved routers page

A little while back we updated the design on our Routers category page pretty substantially. You probably remember the old page, which wasn’t as organized as you might have liked.  So, we implemented a new design that makes it easier to compare models, easier to scan for the right product, and we’ve organized information within tabs.  As one customer said during some recent testing of the new page:

“I really like the format of this, being able to expand and hide products. I think it is perfect actually. They have also touched on pertinent information for the products.” 


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Live Virtual Executive Chat with Marthin De Beer

30 minutes after the opening Networkers at Cisco Live keynote being broadcast live on 26 January in Cisco Live and Networkers Virtual ends Marthin De Beer, SVP, Emerging Technologies, Cisco will be availalbe to take your questions live. During the keynote, Marthin De Beer will spell out Cisco’s Video vision and strategy, innovations in creating a media-ready network and how we will enable customers to prepare their networks for increased demand and use of video.

To join the Live Exec Chat go to the Global Event News Booth and click on the Live Exec Chat link in the content menu. You can get to the Global Event News booth via banner ads through out the virtual space, by scrolling the World of Solutions floor, or via the left hand expandable Exhibitors navigation menu.

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World-Class Training, Virtually

On Tuesday, January 26 Cisco Live and Networkers Virtual will host a full day of world-class training, keynote presentations, live executive chat session, and a virtual World of Solutions with live virtual staff. This is a great opportunity for you to participate in an exciting event without leaving your desk.

During this one-day live-virtual hybrid event taking place in parallel with Networkers at Cisco Live Barcelona you will hear compelling keynotes from two technology visionaries streamed live in the Cisco Live and Networkers Virtual Auditorium.  Marthin De Beer, Senior Vice President, Emerging Technologies Group delivers the Cisco keynote.  Bruce Thomas, Director of the Wearable Computer Laboratory, at the University of South Australia, will share his knowledge and vision of wearable computers, augmented reality and virtual reality. There will also be several live technical sessions for attendees to view, see below.

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NY Times News in Video

Here an interesting web interface for perusing video: We’re currently running an interesting overlay on the New York Times home page which shows some of the day’s main stories in video.  To see it, click on this banner below on the US edition of the New York Times:

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