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Cisco temporary support numbers for Chile


Due to a Natural Disaster in Chile, please dial the temporary contact numbers for TAC support.

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Updated industry and solution navigation

Sometimes little changes to a page can make a nice difference in how approachable it is.  Yesterday we updated the Solutions gateway page with a few simple but helpful changes:

  • New, more direct links for the Data Center Virtualization area
  • Links to industries and “resources for” moved higher on the page
  • Some redundant links removed

We’ve modeled these simple changes around how visitors actually use the page, so hopes are these will be a helpful (albeit simple) set of improvements.

Here are some before and after pictures.

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Ask the Expert Live on February 23

Register now for the Upcoming NetPro Cisco Support Community “Ask the Expert” Event in Cisco Live and Networkers Virtual

Featured Topic:  Embedded Management Technologies

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Focusing on Virtual Technology

I am always keen to learn about new virtual technologies and there are several great conferences coming up focusing on just that. Below is an overview on a few of them that I culled from the conference web sites.

Virtual Edge Summit 2010 ( – February 2010

Virtual Edge Summit 2010 is the only event that focuses exclusively on providing education, training and solutions for planning and producing virtual events, meetings and communities.  Over 2 days, dozens of experts will share their expertise with you, and be available for one-on-ones. The Virtual Edge Summit is Produced by the Virtual Edge Institute

The website and Virtual Edge Summit event provide an easy and informative ‘Due Diligence & Best Practices’ destination for all stakeholders interested in virtual events, meetings and marketing.  

Virtual World Best Practices in Education (VWBPE) conference ( –  March 2010

The VWBPE Conference provides opportunities for virtual world communities to showcase projects, courses, events and research that lead to best practices in education. The end result of collaborating, sharing, and co-construction of knowledge during the conference is the creation of innovative and immersive environments in which virtual world residents can learn, work, and play.

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Telepresence Comes Knocking


homeTP     If you are reading this, there is a good chance you have used a Cisco Telepresence system to make sales calls or review details with clients. The effect that Telepresence has had on the corporate world has been undeniable.  The unprecedented success of Cisco Telepresence is now expanding outside of the corporate office and into a living room near you.  

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