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50 Ways to Leave Your Browser

I have to say that the world’s webmasters owe YouTube a debt of gratitude for their recent campaign to encourage web surfers to upgrade away from Internet Explorer v6 and up to a more modern browser.

Here’s one cute alert you see if you visit YouTube using that IE6 browser…

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Gaming for the Enterprise

I went to the Virtual Edge Summit last week and had the pleasure of attending Byron Reeves, Professor in the Department of Communication at Stanford University, and Co-Founder and Faculty Co-Director of the H-STAR Institute and Media X, keynote address on “Total Engagement”.

Byron touched on a couple of things near and dear to the hearts of the Cisco Virtual Environment bloggers including gaming and education, the importance of self branding, leveraging virtual world environments to create compelling work spaces, community in networked virtual environments, and virtual environments being integral to doing business in the future.

One of the items Byron shared was a list of ten items shared between gamers and the workplace. These items are critical to success in a game but equally so for success in the workplace. The virtual world and game ingredients applicable to work include:

  1. Self representation – virtual teams are fundamental to business and enabling virtual team members to reflect their own brand is critical to empowering and motivating employees
  2. Compelling narrative – great stories equal great program/project plans
  3. Real time feedback – important to get feedback immediately in order to course correct to achieve the end goal
  4. Ranks and levels – understanding the chain of command and how one can climb the ladder can be very motivating and drive innovation via competition
  5. Transparency – this is critical as a transparent environment enables a higher sense of ‘buy in’ from those engaged
  6. Economics (aka budgeting) – no game or business plan is able to be successfully navigated without having a clear understanding of the economics related
  7. Teams – no one can be successful individually in a game or in a business program, it takes a village to really meet success criteria’s
  8. Communication – open communication via real time feedback and transparency using tools that nimbly enable the participants to engage is critical to success
  9. Rules – knowing the rules and how they create the structure for achieving the goal/s is fundamental for any gaming or business teams
  10. Time pressure – both games and business programs have time pressures which drive competition, motivate the team, and provide structure/rules for meeting the goals

As you can see games and work have a lot of intersections. One of the key topics of the keynote is that gamers all ready do work in games. In games they are all ready:

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A new custom My Cisco and Workspace

We’ve just rolled out an updated version of the My Cisco pulldown — that handy pulldown that’s available across most pages.

One of the biggest new features is customization: You can now add more portlets to My Cisco, or remove or rearrange the ones you have. Think of these portlets as smart, personalized services that show relevant Cisco information that’s just for you. Among the portlets available are:

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Cisco iPhone Apps

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but lately there are a lot of Cisco-related apps on the iPhone.  Here are just a few:


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Cisco temporary support numbers for Chile


Due to a Natural Disaster in Chile, please dial the temporary contact numbers for TAC support.

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