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Cool Cisco web page of the month

This has gotta be my favorite page of those I’ve stumbled on this month: A live interactive map showing places people are meeting right now via Cisco WebEx meetings. (I took this one early evening Pacific time, so the live daytime version is bristling with even more dots!)


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Mobile Webcasting Gets Unwired

liveunwiredDuring the course of my career, webcasting has played a fairly significant role.   If you define a virtual experience as being able to interact with an event taking place elsewhere, then I guess I have been in the virtual events business for a long while.   I enjoy keeping pace with the new technology that comes along that is geared specifically for webcasting, and that will be the focus of today’s post.   

My eye for mobile webcasting technology has always been the same- build it better and build it smaller.   After all, you can’t be truly mobile if you have a satellite truck following you around.  Even today’s technology can be limited when talking about mobile broadband speeds, however one company has found an impressive workaround for this issue.   The Kyte LivePro Unwired is fairly small backpack with a clever payload.  Inside, the LivePro is a computer connected to six data cards, which are connected to three different carriers (AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon).  The technology at the backend is the LiveU, which reassembles all the video packets and turns them back into a live video stream.   

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Dreamy hoops on home page

If you haven’t checked out the home page this week, have a look.  There’s a great video about Cisco StadiumVision and how it transforms your experience as a fan.

Also cool is how the video zooms deeper when you start it to take over pretty much the whole page, and can expand out further to fill your whole screen.

When you land:

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Virtual Overhaul

So one of the key feedback items we have gotten from attendees of Cisco Live and Networkers Virtual is that the virtual environment is difficult to navigate as there are too many navigation options and the style is not consistent across the pages. We take this feedback very seriously and I am pleased to announce that on 6 April 2010 a major user interface and style treatment revamp was launched live.

Some of the key changes include:

  • Implementation of a single top level navigation with drop down menu options to increase ease of use and awareness of the depth of content and peer networking available in the virtual environment.
  • Consistent style treatment applied across all pages to enable a consistent user experience and continuity in brand through-out the virtual environment.
  • Bottom toolbar implementation to provide quick access to key tools such as feedback, help, virtual briefcase, and the communication center. The bottom toolbar also allows for key messages and activities to be more easily viewed and digested via the toolbar banner ad and rotating marquee messages.

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A nice overview of the new home page navigation

Web analysts SiteIQ wrote up a nice overview and review of the new navigational features on the home page.

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