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Vanquishing chaos, confusion, complexity via an online tool

When we launched the My Cisco Workspace a few months ago, we knew it was a great addition to the capabilities on  But even so, we’ve been heartened by the many accolades bestowed on it by customers and partners.

For Cisco customers, My Cisco and the My Cisco Workspace offer a range of services at one  click on your mouse, including recent service requests, alerts for updates on software previously downloaded, active support notifications, network bookmarks available from any system you use. And there are even a few things more for Cisco partners, who have access to deals and quotes, a partner event calendar, partner news, program enrollments and more. 

All of these capabilities for partners have led Bill Marcus, Director of Client Services at Amazon Consulting, to record this video declaring that My Cisco Workspace fights the “3 C’s” of doing business — Chaos, Confusion and Complexity:

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Cisco Live 2010, Virtually – World Class Training Online

We are gearing up for another Cisco Live 2010 conference and I am excited about the robust content and activities we will have on tap to support the three day hybrid event taking place in conjunction with the activities on site on Las Vegas. Cisco Live and Networkers Virtual enables you to get in on the action and engage in this dynamic global virtual event experience.

Featured content during the three day hybrid event includes live keynotes, Cisco and partner super sessions, executive chats, robust technical sessions, live experts available in the virtual tradeshow floor, and of course games with prizes. Attendees are able to access the virtual event content and live engagements.

Download a calendar reminder for the event. View a detailed agenda below.

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Here’s a really enjoyable way to browse inspiring (and fun!) videos. On today’s home page, there’s button that takes you to an interactive wall of video.

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Gaming Your Virtual Event

Games and the inclusion of them during a virtual event has been a hot topic as of late. The main questions I see being asked is when do you include games and what types of game do you include to support a virtual event.

The way I see it is there are three key questions to ask yourself during the virtual event planning process as relates to games:

  1. What are the goals of including games in your virtual event? Some key considerations include:
    1. More awareness of content
    2. Driving traffic to a game sponsor
    3. Increasing attendee interaction
    4. For a hybrid event, elevating the immersion of onsite and virtual attendees
    5. Adding some fun back in
    6. Driving awareness of the virtual event via viral methods
  2. What type of games best meet your goals for including games in your virtual event? Some examples are:
    1. Quick format games
    2. Team based games
    3. Multi-platform games
    4. Role playing games
    5. In-depth alternate reality games
  3. What game schedule best helps meet the goals? Such as:
    1. Pre-event game activity
    2. Gaming only during the virtual event
    3. Post-event game activity

There may be other questions to consider but these were the primary ones the Cisco Live team focused on when discussing games for our Cisco Live 2010 hybrid event. After establishing our answers to the above we selected several different games and contests to support our goals. Today we released the first game in Cisco Live and Networkers Virtual, the Cisco Colossal Cranium Challenge.

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Design Tip: Recording WebEx Meetings to Share Ideas

If you work on design or development of digital experiences — or of anything else, for that matter — you probably often have the need to demonstrate and share ideas with people who may not be with you in person. Of course, if they’re available somewhere else on the planet at the same time, you can share things live via a WebEx Meeting.  But what if you can’t find a common meeting time? Or a new person is joining the project next week, but isn’t here today? Or you just have a four-minute explanation to show that’s not worth gathering everybody into a formal meeting?

More and more, I am solving these types of challenges with recordings of very short WebEx meetings that I can then share with the distributed members of our teams. We used this feature extensively when designing some of the recent home page updates such as the interactive menus (shown here).



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