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Gaming Your Virtual Event

Games and the inclusion of them during a virtual event has been a hot topic as of late. The main questions I see being asked is when do you include games and what types of game do you include to support a virtual event.

The way I see it is there are three key questions to ask yourself during the virtual event planning process as relates to games:

  1. What are the goals of including games in your virtual event? Some key considerations include:
    1. More awareness of content
    2. Driving traffic to a game sponsor
    3. Increasing attendee interaction
    4. For a hybrid event, elevating the immersion of onsite and virtual attendees
    5. Adding some fun back in
    6. Driving awareness of the virtual event via viral methods
  2. What type of games best meet your goals for including games in your virtual event? Some examples are:
    1. Quick format games
    2. Team based games
    3. Multi-platform games
    4. Role playing games
    5. In-depth alternate reality games
  3. What game schedule best helps meet the goals? Such as:
    1. Pre-event game activity
    2. Gaming only during the virtual event
    3. Post-event game activity

There may be other questions to consider but these were the primary ones the Cisco Live team focused on when discussing games for our Cisco Live 2010 hybrid event. After establishing our answers to the above we selected several different games and contests to support our goals. Today we released the first game in Cisco Live and Networkers Virtual, the Cisco Colossal Cranium Challenge.

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Design Tip: Recording WebEx Meetings to Share Ideas

If you work on design or development of digital experiences — or of anything else, for that matter — you probably often have the need to demonstrate and share ideas with people who may not be with you in person. Of course, if they’re available somewhere else on the planet at the same time, you can share things live via a WebEx Meeting.  But what if you can’t find a common meeting time? Or a new person is joining the project next week, but isn’t here today? Or you just have a four-minute explanation to show that’s not worth gathering everybody into a formal meeting?

More and more, I am solving these types of challenges with recordings of very short WebEx meetings that I can then share with the distributed members of our teams. We used this feature extensively when designing some of the recent home page updates such as the interactive menus (shown here).



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Cisco Virtual Events Take Home Top Honors from Event Marketer

This week in Chicago, hundreds of event marketers came together to recognize the best experiential marketing programs of the year. Over 600 entries were culled down to three finalists per category and Cisco’s Global Sales Experience (GSX) was nominated for best 100% virtual event and Cisco Live was nominated for best hybrid (live and virtual) event. With major brands such as Coca-Cola, Electronic Arts, Kraft, Clinique, McKesson, Ford, Sony, Microsoft, Samsung, Bacardi, Nike and more competing for the best of show, the Grand Ex award.

Since the launch of these awards the Grand Ex award has always been won by a business to consumer event. This year the tables were turned and the award finally went to a business to business event when Cisco Live walked away with the coveted prize. Breaking new ground the event marketing community recognized the paradigm that Cisco Live’s hybrid model represents for events.

Winning this prize demonstrates the evolution of the event industry from just being about face to face experiences to encompassing a larger audience via virtual and hybrid event experiences. Cisco is clearly a leader in the space because the wins just kept on coming…

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This Bus Rocks

There’s a neat interactive section on that shows off the networked and digitally tricked out tour bus for one of my favorite bands, Paramore.

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Ask the Experts – Virtually

We have two live Ask the Expert events coming up in Cisco Live and Networkers Virtual. The Ask the Expert events are part of our content partnership with the Cisco Support Community. Take advantage of these opportunities to ask your questions of various Cisco experts and get answers live, real-time.

Ask The Expert 20 April: Expert Help on Troubleshooting Wireless Control Systems

Join us on April 20 at 10:00 a.m. PST for this live, interactive event on

Join Cisco expert Lucien Avramov, a technical leader in the Network Management Group in San Jose Technical Assistance Center (TAC), as he provides problem-solving techniques for Cisco Wireless Control System and Cisco Wireless LAN Controller Module during this virtual session.


Cisco Support Community Ask the Expert: Troubleshooting Wireless Control Systems


Tuesday, April 20, 2010


10:00 a.m. Pacific/1:00 p.m. Eastern


This event is open to all customers and partners. We look forward to your participation.

Ask The Expert 13 May: Get To Know The Software Center

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