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Making Virtual Event Connections

The Cisco Live virtual event is all most here and we have more ways to make connections with peers, Cisco staff and partners than ever before. Making connections is an important part of an event and one that sometimes is perceived as lost by attending a virtual event. I think this is because we need to make virtual connecting easier and this year we worked to enable more than the in-show profile match, chat, email, v-cards, etc. that has always been available in Cisco Live and Networkers Virtual.

Don’t get me wrong the in show tools are great for extending your known peer connections and they work well but they don’t enable interactions to take place fluidly outside of the virtual show environment. This is where integration of the social media sites we use every day come into play. That is why we are pleased to include Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn integrations within Cisco Live and Networkers Virtual.

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How to Draw a Cisco Logo (in 3 easy steps)

Not a week goes buy that I don’t find myself in a meeting drawing web pages or architecture diagrams on a whiteboard, and thinking: “Wouldn’t this picture look even better with a Cisco logo?” (Especially if it’s a web page or network diagram, of course.)

Fortunately, Nathan Curtis, who is one of our design vendors, has come up with a quick three-step process to add an almost-perfect Cisco logo to any whiteboard, paper, or online drawing you might be doing:


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Cisco’s Social Media Survey Results

 The results are in! Take a look at the Slidecast below for a high-level overview of the social media survey that we conducted at the end of May. The full results are also posted here for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

*If you’re having audio issues in Firefox, please try to re-open the post in Internet Explorer. Sorry for any inconvenience Firefox users.

What is your first impression of the results? Is there anything surprising about these numbers? What’s not reflected in these results that you would like to see?

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Virtual Fun and Games

As we continue gearing up for the Cisco Live Las Vegas 2010 event we realize that all work and no play, well it can make life a little dull and one a little crazy 😉

I wrote a while back about games for virtual events. Since then we have had hundreds of people login to Cisco Live and Networkers Virtual to test their Cisco trivia chops in the Colossal Cranium Challenge.

Today we are pleased to announce the release of the Cisco Jargon Jumble. This game tests your ability to find key acronyms and technology terms amongst a scramble of letters on the screen. Each level of the game gets a little harder and the faster you complete the level the more points you earn. There is a Flip SlideHD to be won, login now and compete for prizes.

Of course it can’t all be fun and games as there is knowledge to be gained in Cisco Live and Networkers Virtual. I referenced the extensive technical training opportunities that will be available during the June 29 – July 1 virtual event taking place in conjunction with Cisco Live Las Vegas 2010 in a previous blog. These sessions aren’t the only opportunity to think more, do more, and be more, during the virtual event.

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Snorkeling dogs, flying cows, wireless made easy

If you haven’t seen all of the Valet TV spots — you know, the ones showing people briefly interrupted after starting the install of their new Valet wireless, and then looking back to discover they’re already connected —  Cisco has a web page set up that cycles through a nice set of these cute ads. Each one shows a different and humorous take on the “wireless made easy” theme.


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