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Nice Kudos for Video

Remember the commentable videos we mentioned recently? Web analysts SiteIQ recently took notice and wrote a very nice review in an article entitled Why Gets Video (and other websites don’t), which kind of says it all.Some excerpts:

  • “’s video datasheets are a unique video format that sets new standards across the IT industry.”
  • “ has added to its best practice video behaviors with a new twist on the theme. It has started posting videos that allow Cisco’s product engineers to comment back to customers who post comments on the site. “
  • “Although’s videos are hardly the beauty contests seen on most other sites, they have a clear and compelling purpose. They are short (under 4 minutes), to the point-and focus on the kinds of product information and expert discussions that prospects need when they are making a buying decision… I give’s current video strategy and behaviors an A+.”

We point out this post because (1) it’s irresistible to brag, but also (2) we would really like to see all sites (your site, perhaps?) using a lot more video. If done correctly and simply video can make your site come alive and be an incredibly useful resource to your customers and partners.Technorati Tags:

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