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While the increasing significance of video is evident, many people are still wondering about how to (best) tap the potential of this communication tool. “Do I need to be in it? Should I make it an interview or a monologue?” 

I’ll let you in on a little secret…as much as I love video, I’m also one of those behind-the-scenes kinda gals. I’d much rather play the role of the writer or director than the actor. If you’re like me, your next question is “how can I participate without broadcasting myself to the world?” Fear not, there are plenty of options to choose from:   

If you really need to be in a video, take a deep breath, think of something that helps calm your nerves and remember: talking points and scripts are your friends. Some people may just need a few talking points, some people may need the full script. You can copy your script into, an online teleprompter tool and practice reading your script on your computer.  

As for your attire, be sure to wear solid colors, no stripes or busy patterns, nothing too dark or too light. If you’re doing a green screen shoot, avoid wearing anything green unless you’re getting ready to shoot Invisible Man.

Just for fun, we have put together a short video on the evolution of video and how we use it at Cisco. We hope you’ll enjoy it.

Created internally by Dave Siddoway of Cisco Branding 

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