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The Network: Cisco’s Technology News Site is now mobile. Depending on your device, users will automatically be directed to the mobile or standard site. The mobile site is built on Liferay using HTML5 so it can be accessed on a variety of mobile phones although it was specifically designed with the iPhone and Android phones in mind.


What Now?

Visit The Network on your smartphone or scan the QR code and add our site to your home screen for easy, on the go, access to Cisco news and industry trends that only The Network can deliver.

Add bookmark to your iPhone home screen:

Add bookmark to your Android home screen:

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Give Us Your Feedback

Please check out the new mobile site on your phone and tell us what you think, if any issues arrive, and what we can do to enhance your mobile experience.

Any and all feedback is welcome and, as always, feel free to connect with me on Twitter - @arom1000.

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