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Are Managed Services Right for Your Small Business

Guest Post by Contributing Author Ken Presti

These services can come from a wide range of providers, including hosting companies, access providers, and channel partners who specialize in these kinds of offerings. A wide range of technologies can be involved, including virtual private networks (VPNs) or firewalls for security; IP telephony, which replaces the more traditional phone service; remote monitoring; messaging; and call center, just to name a few. Read More »

Cloud-based Telephone Services

Changing the way you do business

I have walked into a number of small businesses that have old-school phone systems.  They pick up an analog, corded phone, choose which line to use, and dial out.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with this kind of phone system, because for some it just gets the job done.  But what if something goes wrong with one of the phone lines, or a new employee comes onboard and needs a phone?  Or what if the company moves offices?  Who takes care of all these issues? Read More »

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8 factors to consider when moving offices

A technology checklist for determining whether prospective office space will meet your needs

Relocating to a new office presents an exciting chance to enhance your small business. An office with robust technology infrastructure and capabilities can boost employee productivity and quality of life, minimize your move-in and set-up costs, and create an opportunity to leverage new technologies. Every business has its own unique needs and priorities, but a technology checklist can help you find the office that’s right for you.

Here are eight factors to consider when vetting office space: Read More »

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The 10 most common security threats explained

It’s a dangerous world out there in the World Wide Web. Just as your mother may have told you to never talk to strangers, the same advice holds true for the virtual world. You may know to be wary of giving strangers your business bank account details. But can you be sure the website you’re logging into is that of your bank and not a forgery created by a cybercriminal? Read More »

Top 6 Considerations When Buying a Phone System

Today, phones provide more than just a dial tone, and we’ve come to expect them to do a lot more for us. No longer are we satisfied with phones that simply make and receive calls. We expect our phones to allow us to communicate in multiple ways—video, data, and instant messaging, for example. Is your phone system meeting your needs as your business grows? Read More »

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