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Has your company outgrown its network? Are you anticipating business growth? Or are you simply looking to upgrade your infrastructure? If so, the following tips can help ensure that you build the right network.

The first step toward building the right network involves forecasting how your business will grow. You should consider whether there will be employee growth and brainstorm what networking infrastructure you will need to meet your company goals.  You should also investigate which technologies are becoming crucial to business (such as cloud computing). By choosing the right solutions the first time, you minimize the decisions that need to be remade in the future. Additionally, you prevent your network from breaking down as more users seek access, reducing support and upgrade costs.

If you don’t have the in-house expertise to choose the right equipment for your network, you may want to consult a reseller. You should thoroughly explore to find a partner who has the proper product selection, training, and expertise for your business needs. Often, resellers are distinguishable by certification. For example, Cisco resellers fall into four certification levels:

You should also choose a partner that has experience in your industry and can help you maintain regulation compliance (such as HIPAA, FIPS, PCI, etc.)

Once you’ve found a partner that can help you meet your business’s unique needs, you can build your future-proof network. Here’s a look at the various networking products to consider:

For a more in-depth “how-to” guide, read the Right Network whitepaper.

For more information about the Right Network and what it can do for your business.

Do you have any advice for upgrading to the right network?

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