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How Can Technology Help Your Small Business? Hear from the experts!

January 21, 2011
at 3:17 pm PST

- How can technology help you serve customers better and attract the best employees?

- What are the basic pieces of IT equipment you need for a small office network?

- Can doing it all yourself be a bad thing?

- How is technology allowing small businesses to act like big businesses (but at an affordable price tag)?

- What is this thing called “the cloud” and why should I care?

These questions and more were answered this week by Cisco’s own small business technology experts, Andrew Sage and Ian Pennell, in a video interview as part of the Talk2Cisco series.

Learn more about this interview and the Talk2Cisco webcast series.

What do you think:  are there questions you have that Andrew and Ian didn’t answer? Let us know!

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  1. I own a small company and technology has allowed me to reach many new customers via the internet. Cloud computing is a new system where a company hosts all of your business software applications. You dont need your own servers, it people, etc.


    • Jeanne Quinn

      Thanks – we’re hearing from many folks that hosting their applications or network services in the cloud is working well for them!