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“Life is not a straight line — there will always be ups and downs along the way.

“We cannot always sail on the crest of a wave. Situations do not always work out; our vision does not always become a reality and too often, we don’t come home with the gold, or even the bronze!” says Carol Spiers in Managing Pressure at Work: the Crying Games.

She goes on to offer six suggestions for finding ways to move on when the feelings are getting in the way at work. But what if you are the manager in this situation and you need to provide guidance to a member of your team? This webinar can help.

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A challenging economic cycle, increased expectations, and an accelerated pace are all combining to create an environment where managers need to be at their absolute best to successfully deal with the different issues that people bring to work. Providing feedback, dealing with conflict, and addressing performance issues are just some of the situations that can challenge even the most experienced managers.

In this webinar hosted by the Ken Blanchard Companies, professional mediator and relationship expert Eryn Kalish shares the key strategies managers need to handle sensitive situations properly.

Participants will learn how to:

Improve your skills, be a better manager.

Today more than ever, managers need to be able to handle a wide variety of situations while remaining balanced, centered, and forward focused. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how to develop the skills that will allow you to address any situation in an emotionally intelligent manner that is supportive and results-focused.

Details: Wednesday, August 22, 2012   |  9am PT  |  Noon ET  |  Register Here or Watch On-Demand

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