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Probably not. It’s not that you don’t want to be. You’re just busy with a million other details, like running a business.

That’s why the Cisco mConcierge program developed a set of concise Tactical Marketing Guides. These guides are designed entirely to help you better execute on more than a dozen common marketing initiatives, including social media networking, newsletters, and radio ads — just to name a few.

Think of them as marketing “Cliff Notes,” or “cheat sheets:” just the basics, boiled down to two pages, complete with objectives, best practices, and a sample timeline.

So, whether you’re a small or medium-sized business, or a Cisco partner working with small or medium-sized business customers, consult the Cisco mConcierge Tactical Marketing Guides before you sign contracts with a fancy creative agency, or start shelling out money for a seminar in New York City.

To access all of the Tactical Marketing Guides visit the Cisco mConcierge Marketing Basics page.

About Cisco mConcierge

The Cisco mConcierge program is an award-winning, integrated marketing planning, enablement, and execution program for Cisco partners, comprised of a robust online platform and a team of expert marketing consultants.

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