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I’m sure by now you’ve seen the “I-don’t-care bear” video about the iPhone4. It’s funny, but it’s also true. The phone doesn’t work the way I expect it to—for one thing, my calls are dropped all the time. If my firewalls dropped packets the way my iPhone does, I’d have my hair on fire.

Yet iPhone is on a selling tear: Last October, when Apple announced its fiscal Q3 results, it reported that year-over-year sales of the iPhone for that quarter were up 91 percent. And despite any negative videos about the iPhone being circulated on YouTube, sales of the device show no sign of slowing down anytime soon.

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Cisco Security Specialist Certifications Align with Evolving Technologies and Job Roles

Cisco is dedicated to developing certification and training programs that help customers and partners stay ahead of ever-increasing information security threats and vulnerabilities. The combination of new threats, compliance mandates, and the need to protect customer and organizational data has driven the demand for more efficient use of network security technologies and architectures.

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Security Concerns in Vehicle Networks Mirror Those in Computer Networks

Traffic fatalities in the United States were 143 per one million people in 2006, compared to 93 per million in Europe. While fatalities have since fallen in both the United States and Europe, government and private industry continue to look into ways to improve traffic safety. An emerging standard, IEEE 802.11p, is one communication method to be used in networks between mobile vehicles, including aircraft and automobiles. Vehicle networks, often referred to as an intelligent transportation system (ITS), promise to improve vehicle safety as well as lower costs in terms of reduced travel time and fuel consumption by allowing vehicles and their operators to exchange traffic, speed, and weather information to allow better awareness and assist operators in decision making.

Some security researchers presenting at Black Hat DC 2011 have leveled concerns against the implementation of ITS as a potential attack vector against physical systems. Insecure deployment of an ITS could allow attackers to gain access to information within the system or deliberately sabotage system functionality. However, because there are no real-world deployments, the threat remains potential rather than real.

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Seamless Access To Information

I recently saw an executive carrying five mobile devices. There was an iPhone in one pocket, a BlackBerry in another, an Andriod in his jacket, a Droid Pro stuffed somewhere else, and an iPad in the back of his pants. It made me wonder when we’ll gain the ability to have one device (of our choice) that can do it all rather than be forced to roll like the human equivalent of a clown car.

A wave of consumer devices has flooded the enterprise and caused some tsunami-type problems for IT and for employees. Companies need to secure this constant parade of devices, and employees want unencumbered access to business information, anytime, all the time, from any device they want.

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Scammers Go Mobile. Read All About It.

Sorry, I couldn’t resist the New York Post headline.

We’re at a very exciting time in our industry. There is a shift underway to mobile devices and cloud computing, both of which have exciting ramifications for unleashing a new wave of productivity in the enterprise. But don’t think that scammers aren’t benefiting off this wave as well. They are also enjoying an increase in productivity.

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