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Don’t Let Others Tweet On Your Behalf!

Hackers recently gained control of an Indonesian government Twitter account to falsely broadcast an impending, yet fictitious, tsunami in Jakarta, Indonesia to over 8,000 followers. While this was by no means considered a catastrophic event it certainly, I’m sure, caused a bit of chaos and disruption to the people in Jakarta and in the surrounding areas. Doesn’t this sound like the 21st century version of yelling “Fire” in a crowded movie theater? In any event, as is the case with any failures related to technology, there are some important lessons to be learned from this miscreant-generated Tweet…or shall we call it a “MisTweet”?

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 The Changing Face of Data Center Security

Today, Cisco released Part 3, the final results from its Connected World Report, an international study on the expectations of workers in accessing social media and corporate information, and on the views of IT professionals about these trends. Part 3 is focused on data center, cloud computing, and virtualization trends. To view all results from the study, visit the Cisco Connected World Report.

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Cisco 3Q10 Global Threat Report

We’ve just posted the second installment of our Cisco Global Threat Report. The Cisco 3Q10 Global Threat Report covers the third quarter (July 1 – September 30, 2010).  Where most threat reports focus on a specific vector (i.e. email, Web, desktop detections, etc.), our goal is to provide threat data across a wider segment to more holistically capture high profile events impacting the enterprise.

It’s a fascinating exercise, as it involves working with multiple teams across Cisco, combing through lots of data, and then painting a cohesive picture of what’s happening where.

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Network-Based File Carving

In this blog post you will first learn what file carving is and, with a simplified example, why it’s useful. Next you will learn how this powerful technique has been applied to the network and how its utility has been expanded beyond just forensics. We will talk about several tools in this article, but specific attention will be paid to the NFEX network file carving tool.

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Call for Speakers – FIRST Security Conference 2011, Vienna

Cisco has had a long history of supporting the Forum of Incident Response Teams (FIRST), as members in the organization, as chairs of various programs, steering committee members, and conference organizers. Cisco has also been providing the network for the global conference for many years. This year I am chairing the conference that will be held in Vienna on June 12-17, 2011. To that end, I am asking for some good security presentations for this year’s conference. We already have some great submissions from Interpol, Kapersky ENISA, etc. As chair I would really like to differentiate the conference with presentations based on real-world cybercrime defense. As we look back we see how rapidly the environment has changed over the past 10 years, starting to bring focus on upcoming changes on the horizon with things like borderless networks, externalization of services, and cloud. And then, further, combine that with the increasing monetization and militarization of cyber threats. FIRST would like to take a close look at the protections and responses of the past, and whether they will be up to the challenge or part of the problem. I talk more about the theme and the conference in this short podcast.

If you have something you would like to share with the security community please read below and contact us using the Speakers Submission Form.

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