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Who gets mail? We all do.

Mail arrives from a variety of public sector sources such as the court system inviting you to jury duty or county assessor providing you with the annual assessment and tax bill. You may also receive in your mail box your credit card statements, and personal correspondence. Perhaps your medical service provider or insurer mails to you an explanation of benefits. Merchants send you opportunities to appreciate their services. Similarly, we all have e-mail addresses; some of us have more than one. Our use of these addresses may be identical to that of our physical mail box. Sadly, the mail, both physical and electronic, is also used by the criminal world to perpetrate fraud.

Ask yourself this question: When mail is processed, arrives or is dispatched, where and how does this occur? Simple enough? Let’s discuss.

Physical Mail:

Whaling SubpoenaElectronic Mail: The 2009 Cisco Annual Security Report projects “In 2010, spam volume is expected to rise 30 to 40 percent worldwide over 2009 levels…” A serious amount of e-mail by any one measurement, magnified even more so when one realizes that approximately 97% of all e-mail hitting corporate systems is junk. Therefore, it behooves us to understand the methodology of the perpetrator. With such, we can identify within the noise of the spam the boat load of phish.

Physical mail or electronic mail, you can help protect yourself and your data by understanding how you process and dispose of your data. The unscrupulous will monetize your data at any opportunity. Don’t give them that opportunity.

Thank you for your time.


¹Secrets Stolen, Fortunes Lost, Preventing Intellectual Property Theft and Economic Espionage in the 21st Century By Christopher Burgess and Richard Power ISBN: 978-1-59749-255-3 Copyright 2008

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  1. Great article Christopher. As usual. I always learn something new when I read your work or speak with you. This time, Spear Phishing. And I just opened my shredder bin to be sure that the waste is actually cross cut!! Dont need dumpster divers gluing strips of paper together.Larry

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