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On June 1-2, I will be participating in the EastWest Institute’s (EWI) second Worldwide Cybersecurity Summit at the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Center in London, and I’m very excited about the prospects for this event.

EastWest Institute is a global, action-oriented, “think-and-do” tank founded in 1980. Its goals are to mobilize leading business and government leaders to address cross-border cybersecurity challenges; set new models for private-public-sector leadership in addressing high-priority security threats and vulnerabilities; and to make advances on the most pressing issues in global management of critical information infrastructure with breakthrough international collaboration.

I’m particularly energized about this year’s session, as I anticipate we will continue and expand upon the dialogue initiated at last year’s inaugural summit in Dallas. I’m proud to have participated in that event, along with other government, business, and civil society leaders from around the world who came together to collaborate on ways to assure the security of the world’s digital infrastructure.

This year, I will sit on a plenary panel hosted by Melissa Hathaway of Hathaway Global Strategies, along with Dr. Kamlesh Bajaj, CEO of Data Security Council of India, and Professor Andrey Korotkov of Moscow State Institute of Foreign Affairs. This panel will reflect upon and expand the discussion of breakthrough and interest groups in international cooperation on cybersecurity in three fields chosen by the Summit Committee. The topics will be chosen from such important cybersecurity areas as:

I truly appreciate the opportunity to participate in these EWI summits, as we not only discuss the most pressing issues in global management of cybersecurity in this international forum, but that we come away with proposed solutions and actionable initiatives that will move us closer to solving the cybersecurity threats and challenges we all face.

Among the many heavy hitters in the global cybersecurity arena who will be participating in this year’s event are:

Visit the Second Worldwide Cybersecurity Summit site to learn more about how the East-West Institute and global governments, businesses and civil society leaders from around the world are tackling these challenging security issues and working collaboratively to move the cybersecurity needle forward.

I’ll report back after the event with some new lessons learned and action areas for your consideration, so that you too can help us make our online world more safe and secure.

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