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Part Four: IT & OT, Utilities – IT and OT, Corporate Change

…d own the transition Executive sponsorship and leadership builds on common ground and creates ownership in the results by working with the stakeholders to create and execute the required change.  Sometimes tough decisions have to be made in this process for those that refuse participation or ownership.  The stakeholders must also have a tangible benefit from successfully accomplishing the goal. What’s in it for Cisco? Cisco does not generally of…


Cisco Continues Market Share Leadership in Mobility – First in Mobile IP Infrastructure, Packet Core, Mobile Backhaul, and Mobile IP Core

Over the summer, we shared with you the results of an ACG Report showing Cisco as the market share leader in Mobility. Then and today the usage of mobile devices has been on the rise. Unequivocally. The average smartphone user is accessing 26.8 apps every month for about 30.25 hours, an increase of 65 percent from two years ago. On their first weekend of offering the iPhone 6, Apple sold more than 10 Million units. Global smartphone market is fo…


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Cisco Partner Weekly Rewind – October 17, 2014

…ever, was most excited to tell me about hearing JB Bernstein’s story , the final speaker of the event. He’s the author behind the book and movie “Million Dollar Arm.”  She said he was incredibly personal, authentic and his story of creativity, resilience, and perseverance is relevant to us all. It was an informative and exciting week for Lindy in Orlando. Feel free to let me know if there is any additional information you need from this year’s Bo…


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Top Three Things Retailers Need to Do to Thrive in the Networked Economy”>BMW

…are at the forefront of using these new strategies to harness the power of the networked economy. Best-selling author and business consultant, Don Tapscott notes, “With the Networked Age, we have real-time systems that instantly analyze and evaluate what’s happening and enable us to respond infinitely more quickly.” Retailers can tap into this networked knowledge with innovations such as: Automated Merchandising and Operations According to ZDNet…


Focus on ROI, Data Preparation, Communication for Success : Takeaways from Predictive Analytics World, Boston, 2014

…t, or oversampling certain data observations and so forth. But a relentless focus on ROI will yield the desired results. 2. Eschew Complexity: Seek simpler models, fewer variables, and explanations that make sense. Given results, the human mind will find ways to explain it – so do not rely on interpretability as a defense of your models. But let the sheer simplicity of models tell their own story. 3. Ensure algorithmic Data Preparation: As…