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Big Data in Security – Part IV: Email Auto Rule Scoring on Hadoop

…t hyper parameter combinations, and finally aggregate them with weights. This process itself is a perfect fit for map-reduce. We use one mapper job to run each classification work, and finally use one reducer to combine model results. The second parallelizing effort is at the data level, which is similar to the concept of Mahout. The idea is that when you have a large training set with billions of samples, rather than training a classification mo…


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Big Data in Security – Part III: Graph Analytics

…tion. Michael: Absolutely. Graph analytics is enabling a much more agile approach from our research and analysis teams. Previously when something of interest was identified there was an iterative process of query, analyze the results, refine the query, wash, rinse, and repeat. This process moves from taking days or hours down to minutes or seconds. We can quickly identify the known information, but more importantly, we can identify what we don’t…


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Big Data in Security – Part I: TRAC Tools

…top of the stack in a hierarchy. There are two important factors when analyzing large data sets and Hadoop does both well: the ability to run processes across multiple nodes in the data center and a file system that can store results in a single view. A lot of companies tried their own technologies and techniques to achieve this and when Hadoop came along it instantly satisfied these two requirements in a dependable, open-source way. Over time th…


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Here’s to You Entrepreneurs: Top 5 Go-to-Market Monetization Tips

…the whole country, to help ensure the UK is at the forefront of innovation. Through mentoring, business acceleration, financial and business support and much more BIG is enabling the technology companies of tomorrow, today. Author. Ged Fitton, Senior Business Development Manager, Technology & Solutions Innovation, Cisco UK & Ireland  …


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Five Best Practices To Get ROI From Video Solutions

…ease sales by 20% and increase video usage by 30% in the next fiscal year.  This provided the direction, motivation, and reinforcement for the sales teams to increase their utilization of video to directly improve their sales results.   Their results were impressive – in the first quarter, sales grew by 11% in Brazil and 13% in China and by 23% at the end of the year, surpassing their original target. These results surpassed the ‘boardroom ROI’ t…


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