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Play Ball! Giants vs. Royals Game 7: Last Game of First Live-Streamed World Series

…ty solutions and Cisco’s Unified Computing Platform, baseball fans everywhere are now able to experience baseball wherever, whenever, and however they want. And because of this, the beloved author of baseball’s anthem “Take me out to the ballgame,”  Jack Norworth, would not have had to wait 32 years after writing the song to actually go and see a game… it would have been brought right to him. Play ball!!…


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Threat Spotlight: Group 72, Opening the ZxShell

This post was authored by Andrea Allievi, Douglas Goddard, Shaun Hurley, and Alain Zidouemba. Recently, there was a blog post on the takedown of a botnet used by threat actor group known as Group 72 and their involvement in Operation SMN.  This group is sophisticated, well funded, and exclusively targets high profile organizations with high value intellectual property in the manufacturing, industrial, aerospace, defense, and media sector. The pr…


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Perspective on Talent

…employer.  There was an article in Forbes Magazine about LARGE companies failing to keep their top talent.  The author pointed out ten (10) potential reasons why, including Corporate bureaucracy, shifting project priorities/whims, lack of accountability, etc.  All of the reasons given are valid, but I don’t believe they get down to the real reason why resource retention is a problem in today’s climate. Even with the current employment rate in the…


Improving R&D Through Remote Visualization

Authors: Randal Kenworthy and Doug Wycoff Innovation in manufacturing comes from many sources.   One of the core and traditional sources is the research and development (R&D) function within a manufacturing organization.   However, the requirements and traditional processes within those functions are changing. Manufacturers are beginning to see an increase in the amount of collaborative R&D efforts.   That collaboration takes place acros…


OpenStack Juno: The Basics

Guest Blog by Mark Voelker, Technical Lead, Cisco Today, the OpenStack@Cisco team is in a celebratory mood: OpenStack 2014.2 (“Juno”) has been released!  The 10th release of OpenStack contains hundreds of new features and thousands of bugfixes and is the result of contributions from over 1400 developers.  You can find out more about Cisco’s contributions to Juno here.  What’s mor…


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