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Process affinity: Hop on the bus, Gus!

…clearly see that this system has a single Mellanox Connect-IB HCA, mlx5_0, attached to socket P#0. Launching an MPI application with the following command: shell$ mpirun -np 16 –map-by dist:mlx4_0 –bind-to core …   results in processes 0 – 7 being mapped to socket P#0 of the first node, and processes 7 – 15 being mapped to socket P#1. As directed, MPI processes 0 – 7 are bound to cores P#[0-7] and processes 8 –…


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Miercom: Cisco Aironet AP3702i

…antage of this architecture is obvious from looking at the results of the tests. Here are the results from a one spatial-stream client, typical of a smartphone.  The client used was a Samsung Galaxy S4 The two spatial-stream results.  An Apple MacBook Air was used. Finally, the three spatial-stream results.  This was a Dell E6430 laptop with a Broadcom 4360 chip. There were two test locations at each distance.  Locations from 10’ to 75’ were in…


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Server TCO Tools – Everybody Has One and They Are Different.

…at you don’t want is to have input restrictions dictated to you because of tool limitations or pre-defined assumptions. Supplying your data points definitely makes doing an analysis more complex, but it gives you valid results, eliminating the “smoke and mirrors” effect with which many server TCO tools are burdened. Cisco has several UCS TCO tools that meet the fair and balanced requirement. The Cisco UCS TCO/ROI Advisor does a good job of…


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Using a “Playbook” Model to Organize Your Information Security Monitoring Strategy

…ause it’s very specific to the data source, how the query works, and what the report is looking for. One of the main goals of the analysis section is to help the security engineer running the play and looking at report results act on the data. To facilitate smooth handling of escalations when actionable results are found, the analysis section must be as prescriptive as possible. It must describe what to do, all of the related/interested…


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To SIEM or Not to SIEM? Part I

…e primary issue with SIEM performance; however, there are other significant time-related issues like report time synchronization, report duration, and time stamping. If it takes thirty minutes for a report to run and deliver results, you are already thirty minutes behind real-time. If you have results delivered in real-time to an analyst, it has to take some quantity of time to process that alarm, and begin to review the next one. For common…


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