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Industry’s First Ever Standard Based Benchmark Result for Big Data

…leasure to announce industry’s first ever TPC Express Benchmark HS result. We published not one but three results at 1TB, 3TB and 10TB Scale Factors today demonstrating the performance and scaling of Cisco UCS Integrated Infrastructure for Big Data: All results 5.07 HSph and $121,231.76/HSph @1TB Scale Factor, Result, ES, FDR 5.10 HSph and $120,518.63/HSph @3TB Scale Factor, Result, ES, FDR 5.77 HSph and $106,524.27/HSph @10TB Scale Factor…


My First Cisco Experience

…with 50 routers when prepping to become certified to teach Cisco courses, late 1993. Wendell Odom Cisco Press Author @wendellodom I had never heard of Cisco Systems until I was granted a governmental scholarship to study Oracle 8 DBA, at AASTMT – Alexandria (Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport) in 2001. I was an unemployed university graduate. Microsoft Network Essentials was one of the courses we had to take to le…



Outdoor 802.11ac AP Performance Report by Miercom

…one 6, allowed to keep a steady capability of the user devices and minimize inconsistency. Looking at the test results, you can quickly grasp that both Aruba and Ruckus flagship outdoor APs suffer from either inconsistency or poor performance, or a combination of both. Cisco AP1572 proved to be significantly consistent in overall performance regardless of the distance or number of the grouped iPhone devices. Outdoor Mesh 80-MHz Backhaul Performa…


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Why Upgrade to MDS 9700

…ll the ports are line rate and customers don’t have to use local switching. This again adds a small latency but results in flexible scalable design which is resilient and doesn’t breakdown in future. These 2 basic design requirements result in a latency number that is slightly higher but results in scalable design and guarantees predictable performance in any traffic profile and provides much higher fabric resiliency . Consistent Latency: For MDS…


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Cisco UCS Delivers the highest TPC-H result for non-clustered systems at the 1000-GB scale factor with Microsoft SQL Server

…/performance ratio of $0.97 USD per QphH@1000GBand demonstrated 588,831 queries per hour (QphH@1000GB), beating results from Dell, Fujitsu, and IBM. The TPC-H benchmark evaluates a composite performance metric (QphH@size) and a price-to-performance metric ($/ QphH@size) that measure the performance of various decision-support systems by running sets of queries against a standard database under controlled conditions. For the benchmark, the server…


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