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What Cisco’s Top Cloud Infrastructure Means to You

…ar Cisco’s POV on the top 5 questions about the Future of Cloud? Read the blog by Cisco’s Dr. Gee Rittenhouse. Find out more about GigaOM and North Bridge Venture Partner’s (methodology) 2013 Future of Cloud Computing Survey Results 2014 Future of Cloud Computing 4th Annual Survey Results – Look Out For The Second Cloud Front via Michael J. Skok View the SlideShare: 2014 Future of Cloud Computing Survey Results Read the article: 20 cloud…


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Attack Analysis with a Fast Graph

…ssaging queue. Our ingest framework removes messages from the queue and properly aggregates them in the graph based on a predefined schema. Analysts are able to query Titan using the Gremlin query language and manipulate the results in text mode or the results can be quickly visualized in our custom D3 front end. Instant Value in a Zero-Day Attack Recently, an Internet Explorer zero-day exploit (CVE-2014-1776) was used in phishing attacks. The…


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Cisco UCS® Claims SAP SD and SPECjbb 2013 World- Record Benchmarks

…red servers as depicted in the graph below: Check out the Performance Brief for additional information on the benchmark configuration. The detailed official benchmark disclosure report is available at website. These results join the more than 90 previous world-record performance results set by Cisco UCS since it was announced five years ago. Many of these world-record results use real-world workloads, including business applications,…


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Cisco Marketing Velocity: Replays and Final Thoughts

…From the Crowd. He explored the power to blend art and science to differentiate your brand and create distinctive customer connections. Review Scott’s preview video and then take a look at his full presentation. Best-selling author David Meerman Scott (@dmscott) spoke about how to Amplify Your Brand Voice and Turn Up the Volume to “11”. He showed how the astonishing reach and impact of social media and its continued evolution gives you the power…


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Cisco Empowered Women’s Network (CiscoEWN) at Cisco Live US enters its second year!

…Using Social Media to improve your Brand,” with Catalina Kowal and Cindy Goodwin-Sak Over 350 people participated in the session “Authentic Communication Style” with Ron Ricci, Cisco VP of Customer Experience and author of  The Collaboration Imperative CiscoEWN Leadership Insight Series: Over 800 attendees gathered live in 16 offices across the Americas for the “Art and Science of Leadership” event with Carlos Dominguez, Cisco…


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