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How Data Virtualization Helps Data Scientists

By now it is clear that big data analytics opens the door to unprecedented analytic opportunities for business innovation, customer retention and profit growth. However, a shortage of data scientists is creating a bottleneck as organizations move from early big data experiments into larger scale adoption. This constraint limits big data analytics and the positive business outcomes that could be achieved. Click on the photo to hear from Comcast&…


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The We’re Listening Blog Series: Taking Action – The Power of Mobile

Here at Cisco, we take customer listening seriously. From the Global Annual Customer Satisfaction Survey to customer advisory boards to social media monitoring – and other avenues – we are constantly listening to what our customers and partners tell us they need from Cisco to enable their business success. One trend we hear in every feedback source is mobility: you want more options for managing your network from your mobile devices. One way we’…


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Cisco Empowered Women’s Network (CiscoEWN) at Cisco Live US enters its second year!

…d in the session ”Authentic Communication Style” with Ron Ricci, Cisco VP of Customer Experience and author of  The Collaboration Imperative CiscoEWN Leadership Insight Series: Over 800 attendees gathered live in 16 offices across the Americas for the “Art and Science of Leadership” event with Carlos Dominguez, Cisco SVP, Office of the CEO and Chairman of the Board, and author of The Technowist Daily CiscoEWN was a co-sponsor…


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Cisco Marketing Velocity: Integrated Marketing Campaign Award Winners and More

…t no one else sees and engage customers with innovative marketing. Scott McKain (@scottmckain), Business Leader, Author and Customer Experience Expert, showed you how to Stand Out From the Crowd. He explored the power to blend art and science to differentiate your brand and create distinctive customer connections. Best-selling author David Meerman Scott (@dmscott) spoke about how to Amplify Your Brand Voice and Turn Up the Volume to “11”. He show…


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What the Internet of Everything Means for Insurance

©Michael Tompert 2012 / from The Human Face of Big Data Moving to one-to-one relationships: It’s incredible to think about the impact and influence. Cisco predicts $14.4 trillion of value will be “at stake” over the next decade, driven by “connecting the unconnected” through the Internet of Everything (IoE). IoE triggers a 19 trillion dollar global opportunity based upon the growth statistics of more than a 7.2 billion population, with an…


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