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Solving Manufacturing Complexities through Data Analytics: Part Two – Implementing Data Analytics

…nt clouds (mix of public and private) on different platforms. Bringing all of this together to yield meaningful results without moving all the data physically into one data warehouse has been a challenge. Data virtualization solutions now enable accessing data that is physically in different databases and geographic locations as if it were physically in a single data warehouse. This has becomes even more critical with the large volumes of big tha…


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#CiscoChat Ignites “Spark” in Collaboration Conversation at SXSW

…s on the go. We also had several influencers join us onsite, including former Mashable co-editor and CAPTIOLOGY author Ben Parr. Always keeping a finger on the pulse of new platforms and trends, Ben answered questions with us live and streamed the event on Meerkat to nearly 100 attendees. Throughout the day, we saw hundreds of mentions of #CiscoChat, which went trending on Twitter in Austin! The Cisco social team with Ben Parr, author of CAPTIVOL…


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OpenStack Podcast #24: Stu Miniman

…now about OpenStack? Where are you? Are you thinking about it? Are you testing it? Are you using it?” The results were all identical for the beginning of this year as they were in 2013 which was I think it was between 15 and 18% said “Love it, either using it or starting to test it” about 50 – 55% of the people said, “We think OpenStack’s have great idea but we are not going to touch it until it’s more mature.”…


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Making Applications and Network Infrastructure Talk

…ineered Routing solution brings multiple positive business outcomes to customers: Unleashed service innovation results in incremental revenues. By removing scalability barriers and augmenting the scope of application (End-to-End – from Data Center through WAN to End User), Service Providers can deliver new services that were simply not possible before. Lower Capital Expenditures as dynamic rerouting of traffic ensures higher link utilization. Si…


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Join the Revolution – Change Your Daily Routine

…ainly going to require change, but we can do it together if we start now. I ran across this quote by leadership author John Maxwell the other day on Facebook, and I think it offers a good way for us to think about this big transformation: “You’ll never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success is found in your daily routine.” I like this quote because it puts change into the perspective of the ordinary,…


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