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Steria Group : 5 Years of Cloud Business Expansion with Cisco UCS

…we no longer have to manage several siloed systems for different applications or customers,” said Fradet. “This means we can spend less time on routine maintenance and focus much more on adding value to customers.” The results ? Fast provisioning, much lower operating cost, flexibility, and security. Overall the unified architecture has enabled Steria to make the cloud model a  success, from a financial as well as a technical perspective….


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An Eye to the Future of Mobility: Wearables & Health Care

…t on the future of health care as they enable increased connectivity and a much deeper dimension and accessibility to key health insights. In his book, The Human Face of Big Data, Rick Smolan, the renowned photojournalist and author, explores the interrelations among mobility, Big Data and health care. Together, he argues, they are transforming what it means to be connected. For example, wearables are already entering the mobile consumer landscap…


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Security Metrics Starting Point: Where to Begin?

Editor’s Note: This is the second part of a four-part series featuring an in-depth overview of Infosec’s (Information Security) Unified Security Metrics Program. In this second installment, we discuss where to begin measuring. H. James Harrington, noted author of Business Process Improvement, once said “Measurement is the first step that leads to control and eventually to improvement. If you can’t measure something, you c…


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ELC: An Introduction to the Video4Linux Framework

During this year’s Embedded Linux Conference in San Jose I will be presenting An Introduction to the Video4Linux Framework. As a long-term kernel contributor (since 2003), author of over 2000 kernel patches and co-maintainer of the video4linux kernel subsystem I have been working on improving that subsystem so it can handle the highly complex video capture and codec pipelines that are available on a modern SoC. As part of that work a lot o…


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WRAP UP: Cisco Live! Melbourne 2014

…business: We also held a lunch hosted by the Cisco Empowered Women Network to celebrate the success of women in business. The launch event at Cisco Live Melbourne saw leading women share their stories. Jane Caro , published author, lecturer, speaker and broadcaster, shared her thoughts on women in business and moderated a discussion with other successful woman, including: Renee Bowker – CEO, Telcos Together Janet Ramey – VP Technical Services,…