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Introducing the Second Generation Cisco UCS

…SQL Server, Oracle RAC, and SAP. As I have said before, new technology is all well and good, but it only if it results in meaningful benefits for customers.  Happily, I can say our new systems have set a number of new benchmarks, so all this new technology will translate to business benefits for our customers.   These benchmarks are an indicator of some of the breakthrough results our customers can see–we have seen 80% reduction in i…


Intel’s Xeon 7500 Reinforces the Need for Balanced System Design

…e into a Chevy Cobalt, but unless you upgrade the transmission, brakes, etc you are not going to get the desired results and perhaps some seriously undesired results.  Without a balanced design, either you cannot take advantage of your new compute capacity (i.e. ending up memory-bound or I/O-bound) or you simply move the stress to some other part of you data center. The problem is, if you cannot create a balanced design, you can never really…


Riding the Innovation Wave…or Just Treading Water?

I was getting caught up with my reading this weekend and was reminded of the John F Kennedy quote about a rising tide lifting all boats.  Intel has once again done their magic and released their Xeon 5600 CPU (aka Westmere) sporting a couple of more cores, a larger L3 cache and some other neat tidbits.  The newest Intel processor becomes a platform upon which we build some interesting things by layering on our own innovations.  H…


Collaboration Nations

As collaboration continues to change the way we do business, today we’re announcing the results of some third-party global research that looks at trends in the collaboration space. ‘Collaboration Nations’, conducted by InsightExpress, a digital marketing research firm, surveyed employees and IT decision makers from 10 countries around the world about their perceptions on collaboration today. Amanda Jobbins, Cisco’s vice…


MPI User Survey: Fun Results

Here’s some fun results that we gleaned from the MPI user community survey… Respondents were asked how much they valued each of the following in MPI on a scale from 1=most important to 5=least important (each item could be rated individually): Runtime performance (e.g., latency, bandwidth, resource consumption, etc.) Feature-rich API Run-time reliability Scalability to large numbers of MPI processes Integration with other middl…