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Increasing the ROI from your Web Infrastructure — an interview with IDC’s Karsten Weide

…having with their infrastructure to deliver web/online entertainment experiences.  They then compared the results media companies are having with their homegrown web platforms to what they might experience with a hosted, software as a service platform like Cisco Eos.  The numbers were compiled through both executive interviews, as well as some benchmarking and modeling from IDC’s past work on similar topics.     C…


Customer Survey Results: How RF Interference Impacts the Wireless Network

Let’s talk about air quality. And I don’t mean smog. How clean is your Wi-Fi network from Radio Frequency (RF) interference? Over 600 Cisco customers recently participated in our on-line survey about RF interference and Wi-Fi network usage. Industry representation ran the gamut from agriculture, to education, to arts, to manufacturing, to retail, to healthcare, and many others. Two of the most important findings were: 78% of compani…


Eruption in Video Conferencing Results From Iceland Volcano Event

The eruption of Eyjafjallajokull volcano in Iceland has created the biggest airline disruption since 9/11 because of the massive ash cloud lurking across most of Scandinavia and Europe. Consequently, businesses are scrambling to create backup plans for what to do about employees who are stuck abroad and important business decisions that have been put on hold because the right people can’t get to the right places to make critical decisions. The c…


Fresh Reasons to Review The Company E-mail Policy

…tified that their company and personal e-mail messages sent and received on company equipment can be “forensically retrieved and read,” a company could risk fines and legal judgments. Monitoring policies may indeed be unenforceable as technology races ahead of the law, but employers may still wish to review their own monitored communications policies for unclear language. The author would like to thank Jeff Shipley for his insights….


CiscoGeeks Survey: Network Operators Indicate Borderless Network Priorities

…with 51 respondents.) And it is certainly a biased set of respondents – CiscoGeeks twitter followers. The results nonetheless are interesting, especially, given that the profile of the CiscoGeeks follower is likely to be a person who operates a Cisco network and is also just as likely to possess a solid technical background and curious nature with respect to networks and networking technology. After all, they are following a twitter feed ca…