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Cisco at Red Hat Summit:Together to Accelerate the Virtualization

…to more effectively scale, secure and operationalize solutions that allow customers to accelerate key business results. Cisco UCS and the Virtual Interface Card: An architecture for Guilt-Free Virtualization with  Cisco Shrijeet Mukherjee – Engineering Manager, and Joe Vaccaro – Product ManagerWednesday, June 23, 4:20pm-5:20pm “What’s New” In this session Shrijeet Mukherjee and Joe Vaccaro will outline the Un…


Cisco’s Social Media Survey Results

Follow @Arom1000  The results are in! Take a look at the Slidecast below for a high-level overview of the social media survey that we conducted at the end of May. The full results are also posted here for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy! *If you’re having audio issues in Firefox, please try to re-open the post in Internet Explorer. Sorry for any inconvenience Firefox users. What is your first impression of the results? Is there anyth…


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From Traditionalists to Millennials: How to Manage Four Generations

…otivates Generation Y employees? These are questions Lynn Lancaster probably gets all the time. She’s the author of “When Generations Collide” and a co-founder of BridgeWorks, a company that advises companies on ways to bridge generation gaps at work. She spoke to partners at Partner Summit about the four generations currently in the workforce: Keep reading for descriptions of each generation, learn what motivates them, and fi…


The Dynamic Networked Organization: Evolution of the Next Generation Collaborative Enterprise

…s to drive group productivity. Finally, during the transformation phase, organizations achieve more significant results in the form of high-impact business improvements. At this stage, the combination of a collaborative culture, technology solutions, and new business processes and models has the effect of fundamentally transforming how an organization delivers its products and/or services. There are four key benefits that a Dynamic Networked Orga…


History is a Nightmare From Which They are Trying to Awake

…lt if not impossible to remove all public-facing copies of information. But for public records and things whose authoritative source is not online, it might be appropriate to make changes (such as changing and then unlisting a phone number) that could eventually propagate and overwrite online sources. This might also include taking fully public profiles, like those on social network or photo sharing sites, and making some informed decisions about…