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Producing Perpetual Content

….com, an online video and book seller, had some ideas about how to drive more sales and distribution success for authors. All of the publishers were in agreement — they want to sign authors who have a multi platform brand already in place before a book goes to print ; e.g. an author with Facebook fans, Twitter followers and a YouTube channel. Debbie Stier, Director of Digital Marketing at Harper Collins, says she expects authors to come with a…


Cisco Small Business Update: Survey Results for Partners

We caught up with Andrew Sage, VP WW Small Business Sales, who had some news for Cisco Small Business Partners around the Q1 global partner survey. This survey helps Cisco determine direction for products, programs, and services in the small business arena. In this video, Andrew highlights the key survey takeaways for Small Business Partners.   Read on for highlights of the survey and more thoughts from Andrew: In the survey, you to…


SXSW Interactive 2010 Demonstrates Vibrant Digital Media Industry

The 2010 SXSW Interactive Exhibit Hall is busy I arrived here at the SXSW Interactive Festival on Friday, the first day of the conference, and the main takeaway so far is there is so much going on in the digital media industry right now. This is my first SXSW yet I’ve attended big technology conferences like the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) for many years. Maybe because Austin is smaller than Las Vegas, the SXSW conference se…


MPI User Survey: Raw Data

Earlier this week, Josh Hursey and I presented some in-depth results analysis of the MPI user community survey at the MPI Forum meeting in San Jose, CA (hosted by Cisco — yay!).  Remember that the survey is intended to help the MPI Forum guide the MPI-3 standardization process.  We had a fabulous response rate: 1,401 respondents started the survey, 838 respondents completed it (almost 60%). Some of the results were actually quite…


Building Your Own Hack Lab

Network Security is considered a self taught dark art like lock picking. Just like lock picking, if you want to be good at it go purchase a lock and start picking. Going to your neighbors pad and trying to pick their lock is frowned upon in most court systems. The same with network security, if you want to be good at it build your own lab and start practicing. It is very important to hone your skills on your own gear and never ever on the Intern…