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Attend Cisco Live 2010 in Las Vegas or ..on line at Cisco Live Virtual

…Senior Vice President, Emerging Technologies Group, Cisco Thursday July 1st 10:30-11:30 am   Ben Mezrich,author   “The Accidental Billionaires: The Founding of Facebook: A Tale of Sex, Money, Genius and Betrayal;”  12:30 –2:30 pm Planning the Migration to Cisco Unified Computing System or 12:30 –2:00 pm Data Center Customer Panel: Insights on Data Center, Computing, and Virtualization   One…


Social Media – Security Risks? It Depends Where You Happen to be Sitting

…would say it’s been a series of category nine earthquakes. I recently had the pleasure of reviewing the results of a Cisco commissioned survey provided to 500 information technology security professionals in the US, Germany, Japan, China, and India concerning social media and personal devices conducted by InsightExpress. Do take the time to review these results, and in doing so I think you will share my realization, that with everything n…


Sneak Peak: What to Check Out Next Week at Cisco Live 2010

…ession: Video: What’s Next?  4:00 pm: Live Cisco Super Session Executive Chat featuring Marthin De Beer, VP, Emerging Technologies Group, Cisco  4:30 pm: Vibe! Live Wrap-Up of Day 2   Thursday, July 1: 10:30 am: Live Guest Keynote: Ben Mezrich, Author 11:45 am: Live Guest Keynote Chat Session: Ben Mezrich 12:30 pm: Live Panel Discussion- Data Center   2:30 pm: Vibe! Live Wrap of Day 3 See you at Cisco Live!!…


Key Lengths for DKIM Signatures

…served that Facebook is signing their mail with DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) using a 512-bit RSA key. The author went on to analyze the security of doing so as compared with a longer key, and concluded that a determined attacker could probably factor the public key quickly enough to be useful in sending falsified messages purporting to be from Facebook. The blogger, John Graham-Cumming, said:   Some months ago I started an 8 core Mac…


Disaster in Gulf Further Illustrates the Need for Video in Disaster Response

Guest post by Kourtney Wooten, author for Break Down the Walls At this point everyone is aware of the current situation in the Gulf of Mexico involving an oil leak that resulted when a BP oil rig exploded and sank. The resulting gusher of crude has escaped all attempts to plug it up, and although BP has been able to successfully start pumping some of the leaking oil to the surface, much is still making its way into the Gulf. To make matters…