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What’s New from Cisco IT?

…full teleworking and BYOD, and turned our offices into flexible, collaborative and power saving workplaces. The results materialize in cost savings, productivity improvement, and business resilience; and a new capacity to work together more effectively across the globe. Video has carried collaboration further – being able to see meeting participants results in better global teamwork, as well as significant cost savings from reduced travel. Cisco…


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Going Native with OpenStack Centric Applications: Murano

…r perusal by Application Consumers. The Application Publisher also… …defines application metadata (author, help message, version, etc) …identifies cloud resource allocation (HOT templates) …creates application deployment specifications (HOT templates) …defines a template for dynamic visualization of application topology (Horizon) …identifies metrics collection (Ceilometer) …establishes actions & even…


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Top 5 Tips for the IT Professional

…ly. Don’t learn only what your job requires, but think about longer term goals. Wendell Odom Cisco Press Author @wendellodom  3. Follow Your Passion, No Shortcuts. – Find a field that interests you and follow your passion, not just the dollars.  If you’re not really passionate about your chosen field in IT you are going to get burned out fast. – Remember there are no shortcuts when studying for certifications. Steer clear of th…



Giving Agile A Brain

…t’s vexing because it’s against the core principles of Agile to produce un-useful end deliverables. Enter author Jeff Gothelf, an ardent evangelist for Lean and MVP thinking. Jeff is author of the excellent book Lean UX, and recently wrote about this “Agile doesn’t have a brain” topic in a really interesting post on the subject. Jeff is working with us on some upcoming talks and a workshop, and in addition to what he says in the post…


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Open Standards, Open Source, Open Loop

…zation is potentially (and dangerously) self-perpetuating and few SDOs have a life-cycle plan that bounds their authority and scope (applied to new technologies).  Choose any new area of technical endeavor – cloud, SDN (Software Defined Networks), NFV (Network Functions Virtualization), IoT and “APIs” and you will find a ready example. The maneuvering by the Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) (best known for their narrow focus on Carrier Ethernet service…


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