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Power of the Network in Innovation – A conversation with Tesco CIO Mike McNamara

- July 25, 2011 - 0 Comments

In the world of retailing, innovation has always been part of the driving force to success.  Whether it is new store formats, new merchandise or new technologies,

Tesco, a leading global retailer, has been working with Cisco and Cisco IBSG to drive innovation in retail.  Recently Lisa Fretwell, Cisco IBSG senior director for retail wrote in her blog titled “Every Little Helps” – Cisco IBSG and Tesco about her experience working with Tesco on next generation network and collaboration.

In this video exempt from a recent Cisco roundtable titled “The Power of the Network in Innovation”, Paul Mountford, Cisco SVP Global Enterprise Markets and Mike McNamara, CIO of Tesco discusses the power of the network in innovation.

You can watch the complete roundtable with Tesco and Columbus Regional Airport Authority at the Cisco  Roundtable Replay web site.

Some of the key points from this roundtable from Tesco include:

  • Tesco has expanded from a British grocer to a multinational company in 14 countries, including UK, Ireland, Fresh & Easy in the United States, Central Europe and Far East.  South Korea is actually the biggest market for Tesco outside of UK with over GPB 5 Billion.  Tesco also operates banking and telecom operations in the UK.
  • Technology has been fundamental to retail, from barcoding and electronic cash registers,  investments in supply chain, warehousing in the 70s and 80s, and in the 90s with the mass adoption of the internet.
  • The introduction of the Smart phone is casuing another seismic shift in retail since customers are wakling around with a computer in the pocket that through the network has pretty much got access to infinite computing power and a vast encyclopedia of knowledge.
  • THere are three areas which the network drives innovation, the consumer, the employee, and the business organization.
  • Virtualzation of the server farm and the network are key infrastructure investment areas for Tesco and it has paid dividends today.

You can watch the complete roundtable with Tesco and Columbus Regional Airport Authority at the Cisco  Roundtable Replay web site.

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