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Cisco NRF 2013 — Interior Inspirer for Inspirational Living Demonstration

At NRF 2013, I was one of the presenters of Cisco Interior Inspirer for Inspirational Living. This proof-of-concept solution, developed by Cisco IBSG and our partner INDG, uses interactive digital media with a large screen display and tablet to help shoppers imagine their ideal room design and find furnishings that best fit their personal style and budget. This solution creates an immersive shopping experience and in-store theatre that entices shoppers to buy.

Customer feedback about the solution was overwhelmingly positive. Many retailers were impressed by the seamless integration between the online and in-store experience. Several commented that the solution could be used for stores with limited space to showcase an array of products in a small footprint.

Watch the video below to see our demonstration of the Interior Inspirer at NRF 2013.

More videos of our NRF 2013 demonstrations, Big Ideas Sessions, and press event are available at

Cisco NRF 2013 – Two New Mobility Solutions Video Demonstrations

We’ve posted two new videos of the mobility solutions that we showcased in the Cisco booth at NRF 2013.

Click on the video images below to watch these two mobility solutions demonstrations.

More videos of our NRF 2013 demonstrations, Big Ideas Sessions, and press event are available at

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Cisco NRF 2013 — Cisco Remote Expert Smart Solution for Retail Demonstration

“Great show!” That’s what we’ve been hearing from retailers who visited Cisco’s booth and attended our Big Ideas Sessions at NRF 2013.

I led the demonstration of the Cisco Remote Expert Smart Solution for Retail in our booth. This solution transforms how you connect and interact with your customers. It offers a superior video and collaboration experience between shoppers and remote experts from any location within your store. It can help you entice shoppers to buy and more easily up-sell additional products and services while improving customer service.

Our retail customers were engaged and excited by this demo. Every time a live video call was placed to our Remote Expert in the booth, they immediately began discussing how this solution could be applied in their store environments to enhance the customer experience and train employees. Multiple customers returned to the demo several times, each time bringing different colleagues to re-experience the demo and discuss options for deploying it in their stores.

Visit our recently launched Cisco Remote Expert Smart Solution for Retail at for more information:

Read more about the solution in our brochure.

Watch the video of our NRF demonstration and share it with your colleagues:

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Building Trust in the Expanding World of Big Data Retailing

These days, the generation of data has become almost as constant as breathing. With every click or swipe, today’s mobile, hyperconnected consumers exhale an ever-expanding trail of digital details, revealing troves of information about their wants, needs, interests, well-being, and aspirations.

All of that data offers great promise for retailers looking to know their customers in deep, new ways in order to provide carefully targeted products and services. But it is also a source of headaches. Those same retailers are wrestling with a complex new realm of Big Data analytics, where a deluge of information from new sources like video, mobile, and social media threatens to swamp their capacity for processing. That is, if they can properly access those new data streams in the first place.

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Cisco NRF 2013 – A Great Experience for Our Customers and Partners

As the Cisco NRF 2013 Team packs our bags and heads home from New York City, we wanted to say what a great success NRF 2013 was for Cisco and our customers and partners. The Cisco booth was packed both days of the show, Monday 1/14 and Tuesday 1/15. Our four Big Ideas Sessions were very well attended – with two at standing-room only capacity!

We will be posting highlights and videos about Cisco at NRF 2013 in the coming days. To kick things off, here are two videos about Cisco’s Big Ideas Sessions: New Wi-Fi Solutions and Digital Malls.

Big Ideas Session #1: Engage and Entice Your Customers with New Wi-Fi Solutions

Bob Friday, CTO, Wireless/Mobility, Cisco and several mobility thought leaders discussed how retailers can use their wireless network to enhance the in-store shopping experience. Watch this video to hear innovative ideas on how to engage and entice today’s mobile, tech-savvy shoppers to improve brand loyalty and sales.

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