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Recently I took a weekend trip to Sea Ranch, California, a coastal town 2.5 hours drive north of San Francisco.  What was interesting (besides the great view and interesting architecture) was for three days there I had no cellular coverage on my mobile phone, but I was able to get access to the internet using Wi Fi in various locations.  Being the classic connected and mobile consumer, my trip would have been much less enjoyable without some form of wireless connectivity :-)

Cisco IBSG Retail Director Edward Westenberg recently published a paper on the impact of consumer mobility and what retailers should do to respond to the trend.

Peggy Casey, Cisco retail industry manager sat down with Edward to discuss his latest research and four areas of mobility that retailers should address:

and five guidelines  to address the above areasincluding:

You can read the details in his new paper. “Reshaping Retail with Mobility -- How To Benefit from Changing Consumer Behaviors”





Another research that is related to this is Stuart Taylor of  Director, Service Provider Practice, Cisco IBSG and his survey of U.S. mobile users.    In this study titled “What Do Consumers Want from Wi-Fi?” Stuart Taylor, Andy Young, and Andy Noronha analyzed results of 1078 US consumers to understand their mobile habits.  Some of the results of the survey are very applicable to retailers who are working on their Wi Fi strategy.  You can read his blog  A New Type of Mobility here 

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