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The We’re Listening Blog Series: Out of the black hole – Sharing Cisco improvements resulting from your feedback

- February 21, 2017 - 0 Comments

As a customer, you’re often asked to provide feedback to a vendor, provider, or business partner. You take time to share information – good and bad – about your experience. But, when there’s no response or action, it can seem like your input either went unheard or into a deep black hole. Sort of like being left on hold, indefinitely. It’s frustrating and could compound a poor customer experience or negate a positive one.

At Cisco, we collect feedback from multiple channels. Our objective is always to acknowledge, investigate, and take action if necessary. We strive to deliver on the acknowledge part, letting you know we’re listening and our next steps. And, once changes or improvements are made, come back to you with that update as well. We close this feedback loop in various ways. Some are more personal such as direct communication or a reply on social media. Others are broader scale including product update and bug fix notifications, new product launches, and banners on

But, we can still do better to show you we’re listening. One way is through a new website we’ve created to highlight customer service improvements around placing, tracking and receiving Cisco orders. These changes were made as a direct result of your feedback, and I’ve asked Angel Sweatt from one of our customer experience improvement teams to share details.

Guest Author: Angel Sweatt, Operations Program Lead, Cisco Customer Experience

My team at Cisco lives and breathes customer experience. From ensuring you receive a secure quote to providing post-delivery purchase order support, we’re committed to showing value in every interaction you have with Cisco. Even getting an answer to a simple question should be quick and painless.

Our goal is to work with our customers early and often to confirm we’re delivering on this promise and identify opportunities to correct, improve or innovate. We’re listening to understand what you need today, and where possible looking ahead to see what we can do for you in the future.

We have a number of improvements in the works, based on your feedback.

You told us that improved logistics services like consolidated delivery would reduce your costs and simplify receiving. We heard you and in late spring 2017, we’re launching a consolidated delivery service.

You told us that Cisco Commerce Workspace (CCW) is difficult to use and it’s not intuitive or easy to find information about your orders. We heard you and are developing new features to enhance and simplify your CCW experience in areas such as improving accuracy and visibility to end-of-life products, product dimensions, solution configurations, pricing roll-up, stackable discounts, and promotions/incentives.

You told us that customer service cases take too long to resolve. We heard you and are building more self-serve tools so you can resolve some issues on your own. We’re also improving our agent training and systems intelligence so when you do contact us, we’ll get you to the agent most qualified to solve your issue quickly.

Fantastic, right? But, when we implement these changes, we want to make sure you know about them. So we’ve built a new Customer Excellence website to help us get the word out.

We’re still in testing phase, but this site is a consolidated resource of outcomes from all our customer experience work. Here you’ll find information about the improvements we’re making to enhance your ease of doing business with. Plus a mechanism to ask questions and share more feedback. Areas include:

As soon as we go live, we’ll announce the site launch and share the link through our many channels. We’ll also share it here on We Are Listening Series blog. In the meantime, our thanks to you for providing feedback to Cisco – please keep it coming! We read it, take it seriously, and passionately pursue ways to improve your journey with Cisco.

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