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SC’11 Roundup

As usual, I’m exhausted — in a good way — at the end of an SC week.  Whew!

Thanks to all who came to see my demo (showing 5.17us NetPIPE MPI latency over Ethernet via Linux VFIO and Cisco’s “Palo” NIC — no, that’s not iWARP and it’s not IBoIP a.k.a. RoCE — see my prior post for a little more info), and thanks to all who came to the Open MPI BOF.  I counted about 100 people at the BOF.  The BOF slides are available, if you missed the actual event.

Brock and I did a [probably incredibly embarrassing] short video spot with Rich Brueckner at the end of the show (another in the RCE-Cast <–> InsightHPC crossover series).  The convention announcer guy was literally saying “The show is over; please leave” over the PA while we were recording.  Whenever Rich gets to posting the video, I think you’ll see why I usually stick to writing.  :-)

One thing that I neglected to mention in my prior post about Open MPI + VFIO is that VFIO is not upstream in the Linux kernel yet.  The demo we did was with a snapshot of the current status of VFIO; the KVM/virtualization Linux kernel group is working hard on finishing VFIO, but it’ll still be a little while before it becomes generally available.

I have enough ideas buzzing around in my head after a week of intense conversations with everyone that I need to go reflect for a while to figure out what it all means.

In general, the show was great.  Everyone has already remarked that it was the biggest SC ever (attendance-wise).  The vendors all seemed quite positive about HPC and general technical computing market prospects, too — the mood at the show was markedly more positive than it has been in the past few years.

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