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MPI newbie: What is “operating system bypass”?

The term “operating system bypass” (or “OS bypass”) is typically tossed around in MPI and HPC conversations; it’s generally something that is considered a “must have” in order to get good performance with many MPI applications.

But what is it?  And if it’s good for performance, why don’t all applications use OS bypass?

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That Jonathan Dursi blog entry

Jonathan Dursi recently posted a fairly controversial blog entry entitled “HPC is dying, and MPI is killing it.”

Some people immediately dismissed the blog post (and its followups) as trolling.  Others praised Jonathan for bringing up the issues.

Brock Palen and I recently chatted with Jonathan about this blog entry on RCE-Cast.

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usNIC inside Linux containers

Linux containers, as a lighter virtualization alternative to virtual machines, are gaining momentum. The High Performance Computing (HPC) community is eyeing Linux containers with interest, hoping that they can provide the isolation and configurability of Virtual Machines, but without the performance penalties.

In this article, I will show a simple example of libvirt-based container configuration in which I assign the container one of the ultra-low latency (usNIC) enabled Ethernet interfaces available in the host. This allows bare-metal performance of HPC applications, but within the confines of a Linux container.

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A supercomputer in your browser

A supercomputer in your browserCisco is pleased to announce the “Supercomputer in your browser” (SiYB) project, designed to bring the rich High Performance Computing (HPC) ecosystem to the world’s most popular software: web browsers.

The free SiYB software is a web browser plugin that is easily installed on any desktop or laptop computer running Windows, OS X, or Linux.

“I’ve been working in the HPC ecosystem for over 25 years, ” says Rich Brueckner, president of insideHPC Media, “This is the most innovative, wide-reaching initiative I’ve seen in a long time.  It has the potential to completely revolutionize the HPC industry.”

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Euro MPI 2015 CFP (now featuring 100% more Europe)

Euro MPI 2015 has returned to Europe!  (recall that Euro MPI/Asia 2014 was in beautiful Kyoto, Japan)

Euro MPI 2015 will be September 21-24 in Bordeaux, France.

That means that it’s that time of year again: get your papers ready for submission!  The CFP was just recently published: Read More »

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