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Since there were a goodly number of comments on the MPI-3 Fortran question from the other day (please keep spreading that post around — the most feedback we get, the better!), I thought I’d give a quick synopsis of the other MPI-3 Forum Working Groups.  That is just to let you know that there’s more going on in MPI-3 than just new yummy Fortran goodness!

The links below go to the wiki pages of the various working groups (WG).  Some wiki pages are more active than others; some wiki pages are fairly dormant, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that the WG itself is dormant.  Some WG’s simply choose to communicate more via email and/or regular teleconferences.  For example, the Tools WG has only sporatic emails on its mailing list, but it has a regularly-updated wiki and regular teleconferences + meeting times during the bi-monthly MPI Forum meetings.  Hence, each WG may work and communicate differently than its peers.

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