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Marking the end of over 2 years of active development, the Open MPI project has released a new “stable” series of releases starting with v1.6.

Specifically, Open MPI maintains two concurrent release series:

Conceptually, it looks like this:

Open MPI version scheme

The new v1.6 series effectively deprecates the older v1.4 “super stable” series.  All users are encouraged to upgrade to the v1.6 series.

We haven’t yet branched for v1.7 yet; it’s up to the v1.7 release managers (Ralph Castain of Greenplum and Brian Barrett of Sandia National Laboratories) as to when that will happen. I think there’s still a few more things Ralph and Brian want to be completed on our development trunk before we branch. As a SWAG, figure we’ll release v1.7 later this year.

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